Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time to bring sexy back - Let's kill fat Dustin

I said kill Fat Dustin, not Dustin

So, I make jokes like, "I like me so much I decided to add more of me", but that attitude was more of a joke off what I know is a bad situation. If you know me, that is what I do best when confronted with a situation that makes me uncomfortable, throw a joke out there. The thing is, I do love me, and seeing what is becoming of me is sort of depressing and am liking myself less and less, which I am sure starts to spread amongst my friends. Not that they are all shallow, but that when I lose confidence with myself I tend to not be my normal self. Well, there is only one person that can fix this, and bring back the skinny, confident Dustin that ladies just can't resist, haha.

The First Attempt

I, in an attempt to not be outdone by Mike, started the Atkins diet immediately following Thanksgiving, and ended right at Christmas. Why Atkins, because it worked so damn well for Mike, and I got to eat meat and cheese still. Didn't sound too hard at all. Well it was pure hell! I apparently love carbs and while steak is delicious, but I found myself craving potatoes or bread with every meal!

The results though! Well, I started at a whopping 280 pounds. Then after countless McD's pattys and eggs, and cheese....I ended up at 240. I felt good, but the diet had to end:
a) I felt like an idiot picking apart sandwiches
b) To keep this as not gross as possible...a regular bowel movement was much needed
c) No beer!!!! I was drinking diet soda and liquor....me and liquor only is normally a bad thing.


I quit the diet, and tried to watch calories to get to my target of 220. The problem was I was having to eat those foods which I gave up in mass quantities. The result up to the current date is a gain of 30 pounds, and I currently reside at a gross 270.

This time around

I am going to attempt to do it properly, eat sensible and work out, do it longterm. The thing with me is I have always eaten a lot and have always eaten unhealthy, but it never used to phase me much until I basically gave up physical activity. There is an obvious culprit to this lack of energy to work out, alcohol. When I turned 21, I drank every night, which not only added calories, but a hangover which kept me away from the gym. Now, though, I don't drink every day, and have every opportunity to work out, but I set the precedence of laziness and just need to slump out of it. I can only imagine that the inacitivity has decreased my metabolism causing my eating habits to start taking effect on me.

Don't yell at me when
You see me drinking beer in mass quantities on a Sat. night or when you see me eating a brat at a Brewer game. I learned that giving up that which you love entirely, makes you crazy. The key word is sensible eating. I am still going to enjoy life when with friends.

So, whenever you want to go play some hoops, or volleyball or something, give me a call!


I am going to continue to blog about this, more for me than anything, so I can keep track of what positives and negatives I encounter. Pictures to track progress (hopefully there is progress), mind you the first few could be gross, haha. Right now, I am about to walk to Subway to get a delicious sandwich. Thankfully, when on the road, I can use my company card to eat on the Jared diet....which otherwise I would not be able to afford.

Ladies, get prepared to have to control your urges....though I won't mind if you can't.

Moving on

I am sure no one will mind...
I am not going to post a big blog about my final days in Vegas. For those of you dying to know about what happened and have somehow missed me talking about it here is a quick rundown:
-I got really drunk Friday day, hung out with some SoCal girls at the pool all day.
-Went to Ghost Bar, Real World was filming (for those watching I had black pants and a red dress shirt on, keep an eye out, haha)
-Marten bought us a limo on the strip, I proceeded to yell out the window that I was a big deal
-Bought a 3 ft drink, walked back with it around my neck high fiving every person, I mean every

-puked in the hallway
-Amazingly felt bad on Sat., didn't really drink all day and night
-Sunday went to a dueling piano bar

Important news!
What a interesting time to be alive, between the war in Iraq, the other Middle East disturbances. Presidential hopefuls are starting to emerge in debates to help the public best decide who can run this country the best (Judging by the last two Presidential elections, the American Public is about 51% retarded). The nation is recovering from VT shootings and other atrocius acts that have been in the news as of late, 9 brave firefighters were killed, missing pregnant lady, murdered teen in KS.....with all of this stuff going on, what is the number one topic of the media it seems like...


Are you kidding me, is this really what the American public would like to hear about the most (Maybe my previous statement of 51% of Americans are retarded is true)? This makes this blog easy, I don't need to explain anything, if you haven't heard about the "developing saga" then you are one out of touch person and will not be reading this anyhow. My favorite part of the story is after she for some reason gets let out, then gets forced to go back, she acts like a whiny spoiled brat....imagine that! 23 days! 23 days is all she has to spend and you would swear she got the death sentence. Hell, at this point in my life, that means 23 days where I wouldn't have to work...that might not be so bad (no, I do not plan on commiting any illegal acts)! But, no worries people, she is talking about how she realized the errors of her ways.....now that's hot.

Homer Sports Section
After the Brewers were no hit by Justin Verlander, I thought that maybe I would take a couple weeks off of baseball to regain my composure....the Brewers were in a huge slump, they got no hit, and I was going gray at 24 because of it. Well, am I glad I kept paying attention...nothing says redemption from a no hit performance like putting on hitting clinics for local youth to watch, in fact, it as if they are batting against the top 8th grade prospects lately....and I love it!

Ok, so this is a picture from last year, but it makes my point that Fielder is pretty much a force! Hell he, of all people, hit a in the park HR. Fielder is now in the front of the fan vote to become the All Star starter. If it holds up, he would be the first Brewer elected starter since Molitor in 88! I just hope the HR Derby doesn't mess up his swing, but I don't see how it can since all he has to do is swing normally and the ball will go about 700 ft. If Pujols is voted to be the starter, than one again you will see the flaw of the fan vote, as he isn't even deserving of going to the game at all.
It's not much but....
This post was pretty weak in content, but I am working on a couple things that will be a long term thing. First I made a pact to myself to lose some weight, I might keep some blogs about that. Also, just random thoughts and tidbits. Until next time folks...