Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dream Valley Brewing Returns

When I last left you, you probably thought I'd have a few more home brews to share with you. After "Potable", which most of it was dumped for being largely...bad, I tried to make a Chocolate Cherry Porter.  However, I encountered problems during bottling, so was too upset to share.  I did get a few good bottles that actually tasted pretty decent. No, it wasn't anything great, but quite drinkable. After bottling those successful bottles, a cherry skin plugged up the spout, so I tried to fill the bottle by dipping my hand in, exposing sediments, cherry bits, and likely beer's worst enemy, bacteria to them all....they, were sadly, dumped as well.

After two failures, I decided that I was done with Mr Beer, but it was confirmed to me that this was a hobby I could enjoy. Yes, it was time for a real home brewing kit!  I know some time has passed since I last wrote, but during this absence, my friend Kevin (@HighReiser38) had said he could make me a starter kit with equipment that he used in the past.  See, Kevin has gone on to bigger and better things in the world of home brewing: kegging, growing his own hops, etc... so, I happily accepted his gracious offer, and am now hoping to master the art myself.  If you read this Kevin, I thank you again for your generosity.  It is truly appreciated.

Though, my first batch with the new kit has had some road bumps, I am soon to crack open my first completed beer and (hopefully) enjoy.  Of course, I will be starting a post, sharing the story of how my (boringly named) "Oak Creek Cream Ale" came to be.

Stay Tuned & Stay Thirsty!