Friday, December 28, 2007

HDTV - America's Solution to Environmental Awareness

So, my best christmas gift was one I bought myself, with a little help from Holiday Inn. See, I spend half of my life in a hotel room for work, and I try to stay at one or two hotel chains (Holiday Inn or Hilton properties). Well, I acquired some super points at the Holiday Inn and was able to receive $1,000 in Best Buy gift certificates. After some shopping around, I bought a 60" Sony SXRD 1080p rear projection TV. It is way too big for my apartment, and I love that fact.

Anyways, I finally went to Time-Warner and picked up my HD-DVR box. Because I am awesome, I got the upgraded box and all HD channels for no extra cost. I was quite dissapointed though to find out after I hooked everything up that Time Warner only offers up to 1080i. I feel sort of jipped, even though I am sure I won't be able to tell the difference on i or p. So, I get it all set up, get everything activated, and go immediately to the HD channels. ESPNHD - College Football...PERFECT! The Holiday Bowl with Arizona State and Texas was on. I was in awe. Now, I've seen HD plenty of times, but to have a system that is your own is just a wonderful feeling.

After the oohs and aahs of the brilliant colors and sharp clear edges, I realized, this game is sort of a blow out and not really interesting for me to watch, time to check out the other channels. I move on to the HDMov, movies in HD, nice! Tonight they were having a Rocky marathon, Rocky II was on at this moment. Trust me people, Sylvester Stallone is one guy you would rather not see crystal clear images of. Next channel...HDTNT had the Celtics vs Supersonics game on. I watched the pretty colors for a bit, but my ultimate distaste caused me to move on. The next was like, TBSHD or something, anyhow, Along Came a Spider was on. Great movie, I didn't feel like watching it or watching Morgan Freeman's spots in HD. A&E had some cops show on, they were in a trailer with some low class people, no thanks.

This leads me to Discovery-HD, the title was something I would normally just skip right over, but tonight was a night of "discovery" of my HD capabilities. It was called, Equator, or something. It was about the Asian rainforest. Seeing the trees, the light, the close up of these animals was one of the most spectacular things. It was fascinating, and as a bonus, I learned about the circle of life in the rainforest. As a double bonus, I got to watch a lot of monkeys. Of course, every story has to have a sad event. It was pretty sad to watch a tiger make a monkey his dinner. The announcer even said that the monkeys shouldn't be on the ground at that time of night....though I think he may have been forshadowing. Of course every story has to have some excitment, and there was this one point where a tiger lept out and caught this monkey....amazing! Also, in light of recent news, I am making a statement that tigers enjoy primates. Watch out people and monkeys!!

My point is this, I think HDTV will help more people watch nature shows, and they will learn more about nature, which is always a good thing.

The End

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

But why is the rum gone!?!

This is going to be a short, simple post. But, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Why the title? Because on this joyous of days, ABC has decided to air Pirates of the Carribean, the 1st one. The title, that is one of my favorite lines ever. I'll tell you what, Keira Knightley is drop dead gorgeous. That of course is no secret.

Once again, Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you all on New Years!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I hate you NFL Network

I figured this would happen. The 10-1 Packers vs the 10-1 Cowboys sqaure off in about 15 minutes. As most of you reading this know, this game is being aired on NFL Network. For my friends in the Milwaukee area, yes the game is being televised locally, but the problem is....I happen to be in Seattle.

The hope was my hotel bar would have it, negative. Well, there are a couple sports bars down the road....nope. The closest is a farther drive than I really feel like going to sit at a table by myself withholding my game time emotions. I am pissed, I am disappointed, and I am sad. To keep me occupied now as I watch the GameCast I am going to do a blog as I find out what is happening. Remember, GameCast is slower than the game, so my time stamps will not be accurate for the most part as to when I witnessed it. I will also put it in CST.

7:08 - ESPN News is on and I am pulling up GameCast. ESPN News will be doing constant game breaks, so I won't miss any big plays, I just won't see them as they happen.

7:13 - Open a bottle of Henry Weinhard's Blonde Premium Lager. A micro-brew here in the Northwest, it is a Gold Medalist at the World Beer Cup for American Premium Amber Beer. Note, their regular beer was the Gold in American Style Premium Lager. Minus the premium, and that is the same award as Miller Lite. The problem is there are too many categories.

7:15 - Computer automatically switched to the GameCast....must be game time, how, unexciting

7:18 - After watching idly for 3 minutes, I now know Koren Robinson returned the kick for 29 yards. GO PACK GO!

7:18 - A first down pass immediately after the kick return....feels good to be lagged a bit. That or they ran the world's quickest play

7:24 - 3rd and 1 and they pass after Grant runs two hard runs...WTF?! I'll just argue there was interference. The yellow line's forward prgoress seemed to have been interupted. (not the first down line, the PAckers progress

7:25 - FG GOOD! 3-0 Packers

7:28 - Kicker made the tackle, that couldn't have been good. Also, ESPN News teases on their way to commercial, there was a score, was it Favre, was it Romo? Unless this thing is way behind, it was Crosby.

7:35 - Ok, this just takes forever, play, break, 3 plays happen bang bang bang.

7:36 - The blue bar is moving too far...eek. Also, GameCast hates 2nd downs.

7:38 - The bend don't break defense is succesfull again - 3-3

7:41 - ESPN News cracks on how this game has more points than Monday night's slopfest. That is funny. Apparently, NFL Network has some problem they can't release the video to ESPN after the

7:44 - Packers are the first team to punt....shit

7:48 - It appears the defense can't stop them

7:49 - If it is true that Romo cheered for Elway and the Broncos over the Pack in Superbowl XXXII, then I hate him

7:50 - Bend don't break - 3-6

7:54 - That is not good. Favre threw a pick. Romo is supposed to make the mistakes, not Favre.....UGH! I once again claim there was intereference.

7:55 - Owens is catching too many, looks like a Cowboy TD is imminent, they are on the 7 after a big pass. What is Harris doing?

7:57 - As figured, TD. *@#($ - 3-13

8:01 - We need a big drive here!

8:06 - The hotel internet is down. Everybody, do not stay at the Holiday Inn in Seattle next to the airport. These assholes deserve no one to stay here to piss me off like this. I could be writing this is vain!

8:07 - Thankfully ESPN News updated me to Grants long TD run. 10-13

8:09 - Internet is back. I also realized while I was struggling to get the net back, my friends back home were celebrating, that kind of hurt.

8:10 - 1st quarter is over. We got a good one. Just look at all these bars

8:12 - You have got to be kidding me!!!!! 10-20. Maybe we can get them to punt maybe once this game.

8:13 - I am still trying to get the 1st quarter pic in, so you won't be getting the picture for this last score. Screw it
8:15 - Our pass defense is obviously very different without Woodson. I just hope it was a good decision to sit him in the long run, because the way this game is going, not good!
8:20 - I want to try the BK Homestyle Melt sometime soon. Looks goo
8:22 - Looks like we got a typical Favre in Texas Stadium....ESPN News says Favre is hurt.......this blog is going to get a lot less interesting, for I am going to pay less attention. I am disgusted.
8:25 - Ray Buchanon is upset as well.
8:26 - ugh 1st and Goal
8:29 - 10-27.....My hatred for the Cowboys has just been renewed.
8:30 - TextTwist will not load, making this night even worse
8:31 - Aaron Rodgers is in. Favre is out. I hate Nathan Jones, he better hope Favre is fine next week!
8:35 - There is going to be a Gears of War film in 2009. Neat
8:36 - Text Twist is working.....later
8:43 - My six pack is gone. Debating whether I should go to the hotel bar for a few. Maybe after some TextTwist
8:51 - Interesting, I lost on the word fumble. I guess my mind was off football.
8:53 - Rodgers to Jennings - 17-27. eh
9:27 - TD PACKERS! 24-27. Rodgers seems to be playing well. The problem is the Cowboys will just open the air game back up. I am still very emotionless with Favre being injured.
9:34 - Playin some 1 vs 100, but might quickly resume full attention to GameCast
9:36 - Big pass to Crayton, as I figured, picking on our secondary again. Sounds like the Pack is playing a zone....why?
9:37 - Yep, big run now. This defense can't hold up to their end of the bargain. Now a big pass and they are in the red zone. Disgusting
9:43 - How are we allowing big rushes? I understand the passes with Woodson being out. 1st ang goal. Shame, would have been a good story line for Rodgers if the defense could have just held.
9:45 - End of 3rd quarter. Aye ya yai
9:48 - Thank you Al Harris, or sounds like, thank you T.O. for the drop into Harris' hands
9:49 - I wish Barry Melrose would give up on the mullet. We all know who you are now, you don't need the mullet to let us know you are the hockey guy.
10:00 - What shit, I found a link with the game on. All this, and I could have been watching
10:01 - just in time to watch the TD to pretty much seal this game by Crayton. damn it
10:03 - Wow, just saw the interference call...BAD CALL STRIPES!
10:10 - Collinsworth and Gumbel are terrible.
10:11 - That was a bad spot
10:12 - hell of a kick, clutch. But I am still reeling on that spot. Defense needs to step up big!
10:19 - Cowboys are making a finishing blow drive, also, this internet thing is choppy, and laggy, ut beats GameCast
10:21 - The defense jsut couldn't do it. It is a shame, Rodgers was showing a lot of promise, if he could have just gotten the ball one last time. How many times did the Cowboys punt? I can remember only one.
10:26 - They keep showing that bad interference call. Man, that could have been the difference in the game. Shame. I also was not a big fan of McCarthy not going for it on 4th and inches, though it wasn't a huge surprise, I still think the spot was bad.
10:32 - Well, game over. You know, injuries obviously played a huge part of this game. The defense just wasn't the same. I sure hope everyone comes back soon.
10:36 - I am just hoping Favre is fine. I am not at all shocked the Pack lost this game, and I am glad it was at least somewhat close. However, the main worry is if Favre is ok. Also, Woodson needs to come back as well if they are wanting to go anywhere in the playoffs.
Well, that is that.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some good lyrics

While traveling to the anti-metropolis of Highland, WI for Thanksgiving break, I was doing some pretty hardcore jamming with my iPod. The trip is one of the most boring trips ever. Just a short 1 hour trip down I-94 from Brookfield to the Beltline. A short boring trip down Hwy 12-18 (aka Beltine), then taking 151 South for a unthrilling trip to Dodgeville. From here things get interesting, I hop on County Hwy Q and fly through the hills and valleys in which I was raised.

I have to mention this while I have it on my mind. Do you people all remember when that chick from Madison kidnapped herself, Audrey Seiler. Well, that got some national coverage for a bit. And I remember sitting in Whitewater watching CNN, probably fresh off of calling in sick to Arrow with SARS (remember that shit). Anyways, 24 hour news stations are always searching for something to say. While this might not be exact, I believe it to be accurate as to the conversation.

Reporter 1 (with view from helicopter over the Madison Beltine) - We are looking at an open space of land in which authorities think Audrey may be. It is right off state highways 12 and 18. The locals here call it, "The Beltine"

CNN Anchor - The Beltine, is that at all like the Beltine in Washington DC?

Ok, first off. what was the relevance of that question. Second, Madison, WI....Washington DC.......think about it.

Anyways, while driving I thought of an idea to post some pretty sweet lyrics in my opinion. In no particular order here are a few of my choosing.

Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses
"As I dream about movies,
They won't make of me when I'm dead"

Not too sure why I think this is a good line. Probably because it is a feeling I think most of us have. We all think our life stories would make an excellent movie, but we all know that a) it really wouldn't be a good movie b) people wouldn't pay to see it. This is also a bit of a love ballad, and that always seems, in my opinion, to be a time to think about a movie of your life and its tangled love life.......oh, whoa is me, haha.

Satan - Up There (South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut)
"Without evil there can be no good,
so it must be good to be evil sometimes"

Just think about it, it would seem to be a true statement. Ok, this is a cartoon, and is a big joke...but really, would it not give us a bit of an excuse to do some mischief from time to time.

Blink-182 - What's My Age Again
"No one should take themselves so seriously,
With many years ahead to fall in line,
... I'll never wanna act my age,
What's my age again?"

I like this line because it rings true with my refusal to grow up. Why shouldn't we have fun and live life like we want to. Who says I have to act a certain way just because I am a certain age, that is a bunch of BS.

Lucky Boys Confusion - Atari
"I just want to drink beer and play Atari"

Two of my favorite past times!

Offspring - Bad Habit
"You stupid dumbshit goddam motherfucker!"

Ok, so, I was a kid, Offspring rocked, and swearing was a new, cool thing for me. Why wouldn't this be a good line?

O.A.R. - I Feel Home
"There are few things pure in this world anymore,
and home is one of the few.
We'd have a drink outside,maybe run and hide
if we saw a couple men in blue."

"Feeling alright, heading out tonight,
maybe out to a dark driveway.
I say now some feel bored,and some are looking for more.
Well, we all just decide to stay."

Really, I could have put this whole song in there, but I won't. I love this song, and it reminds me so much about growing up in a small town. We were all friends just passing time with a few drinks in remote locations.

I know there were more lyrics I thought of, but damned if I can remember. Maybe I will do a similar post in the future.
Carry on..........carry on!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


After having a pleasant phone conversation with my good buddy and current whore on my mind, Bernard...I realized I have not let you in on my life and thoughts for far too long. In fact, I had to check what my last post was. My worst fears were realized when I saw that my last blog was how I was going to lose weight. As you can imagine, and as you have probably notice, I am still sitting pretty similar to where I was then.

Here is what happened though. I was doing well, and not really struggling, my portions were down, eating healthier, still drinking, and I was still losing weight. What happened you wonder? Honestly, life was going along pretty nice and I forgot. My weight worries melted off of me and I just didn't worry about it, or any other problems. Things are still rolling smooth for me, so that is nice.

Well, maybe not everything is running smooth. The Brewers have officially annoyed me. Not only have they given up first place, but they can't seem to string together any fact, once would be nice. Well, they are currently locked up in a tie with the Cubs for their final match up of the season. I am keeping faith, though starting to be a more pessimistic faith. But, if they falter for good, it is officially football season and I can do like most of Wisconsin already has and forget about baseball and focus on football.
The first Badger game is this Saturday, and while I don't have a ticket I will be doing some partying in Madison hanging around Camp Randall, then the Capital, then eventually State St. All in all, a nice little Saturday planned. Should be a rowdy good time with lots to drink.

Talk about drinking. I tried this Monster Energy drink that tastes like a Mocha, it was nice, and the energy is always nice when you are working. This week though was nice because I am in Florida, without having to drive a 24 ft trailer around. I took this picture today, I think it is funny. I head back home tomorrow though thankfully. Every time I go on a trip, Thursdays really get to be the day that I start to miss home and my small, unputaway apt.

When I do get to my apartment, I am going to throw my Brewer garb on, and head to meet Leah Shefizzypop and her bro and head to the game. Then obviously I already said what I am doing Saturday which leaves my Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) and that is refreshing because I am sick of plans, while it is nice to do things, it is also nice to do things on a whim.

And I just decided I would end this rambling blog.....on a whim

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time to bring sexy back - Let's kill fat Dustin

I said kill Fat Dustin, not Dustin

So, I make jokes like, "I like me so much I decided to add more of me", but that attitude was more of a joke off what I know is a bad situation. If you know me, that is what I do best when confronted with a situation that makes me uncomfortable, throw a joke out there. The thing is, I do love me, and seeing what is becoming of me is sort of depressing and am liking myself less and less, which I am sure starts to spread amongst my friends. Not that they are all shallow, but that when I lose confidence with myself I tend to not be my normal self. Well, there is only one person that can fix this, and bring back the skinny, confident Dustin that ladies just can't resist, haha.

The First Attempt

I, in an attempt to not be outdone by Mike, started the Atkins diet immediately following Thanksgiving, and ended right at Christmas. Why Atkins, because it worked so damn well for Mike, and I got to eat meat and cheese still. Didn't sound too hard at all. Well it was pure hell! I apparently love carbs and while steak is delicious, but I found myself craving potatoes or bread with every meal!

The results though! Well, I started at a whopping 280 pounds. Then after countless McD's pattys and eggs, and cheese....I ended up at 240. I felt good, but the diet had to end:
a) I felt like an idiot picking apart sandwiches
b) To keep this as not gross as possible...a regular bowel movement was much needed
c) No beer!!!! I was drinking diet soda and and liquor only is normally a bad thing.


I quit the diet, and tried to watch calories to get to my target of 220. The problem was I was having to eat those foods which I gave up in mass quantities. The result up to the current date is a gain of 30 pounds, and I currently reside at a gross 270.

This time around

I am going to attempt to do it properly, eat sensible and work out, do it longterm. The thing with me is I have always eaten a lot and have always eaten unhealthy, but it never used to phase me much until I basically gave up physical activity. There is an obvious culprit to this lack of energy to work out, alcohol. When I turned 21, I drank every night, which not only added calories, but a hangover which kept me away from the gym. Now, though, I don't drink every day, and have every opportunity to work out, but I set the precedence of laziness and just need to slump out of it. I can only imagine that the inacitivity has decreased my metabolism causing my eating habits to start taking effect on me.

Don't yell at me when
You see me drinking beer in mass quantities on a Sat. night or when you see me eating a brat at a Brewer game. I learned that giving up that which you love entirely, makes you crazy. The key word is sensible eating. I am still going to enjoy life when with friends.

So, whenever you want to go play some hoops, or volleyball or something, give me a call!


I am going to continue to blog about this, more for me than anything, so I can keep track of what positives and negatives I encounter. Pictures to track progress (hopefully there is progress), mind you the first few could be gross, haha. Right now, I am about to walk to Subway to get a delicious sandwich. Thankfully, when on the road, I can use my company card to eat on the Jared diet....which otherwise I would not be able to afford.

Ladies, get prepared to have to control your urges....though I won't mind if you can't.

Moving on

I am sure no one will mind...
I am not going to post a big blog about my final days in Vegas. For those of you dying to know about what happened and have somehow missed me talking about it here is a quick rundown:
-I got really drunk Friday day, hung out with some SoCal girls at the pool all day.
-Went to Ghost Bar, Real World was filming (for those watching I had black pants and a red dress shirt on, keep an eye out, haha)
-Marten bought us a limo on the strip, I proceeded to yell out the window that I was a big deal
-Bought a 3 ft drink, walked back with it around my neck high fiving every person, I mean every

-puked in the hallway
-Amazingly felt bad on Sat., didn't really drink all day and night
-Sunday went to a dueling piano bar

Important news!
What a interesting time to be alive, between the war in Iraq, the other Middle East disturbances. Presidential hopefuls are starting to emerge in debates to help the public best decide who can run this country the best (Judging by the last two Presidential elections, the American Public is about 51% retarded). The nation is recovering from VT shootings and other atrocius acts that have been in the news as of late, 9 brave firefighters were killed, missing pregnant lady, murdered teen in KS.....with all of this stuff going on, what is the number one topic of the media it seems like...


Are you kidding me, is this really what the American public would like to hear about the most (Maybe my previous statement of 51% of Americans are retarded is true)? This makes this blog easy, I don't need to explain anything, if you haven't heard about the "developing saga" then you are one out of touch person and will not be reading this anyhow. My favorite part of the story is after she for some reason gets let out, then gets forced to go back, she acts like a whiny spoiled brat....imagine that! 23 days! 23 days is all she has to spend and you would swear she got the death sentence. Hell, at this point in my life, that means 23 days where I wouldn't have to work...that might not be so bad (no, I do not plan on commiting any illegal acts)! But, no worries people, she is talking about how she realized the errors of her that's hot.

Homer Sports Section
After the Brewers were no hit by Justin Verlander, I thought that maybe I would take a couple weeks off of baseball to regain my composure....the Brewers were in a huge slump, they got no hit, and I was going gray at 24 because of it. Well, am I glad I kept paying attention...nothing says redemption from a no hit performance like putting on hitting clinics for local youth to watch, in fact, it as if they are batting against the top 8th grade prospects lately....and I love it!

Ok, so this is a picture from last year, but it makes my point that Fielder is pretty much a force! Hell he, of all people, hit a in the park HR. Fielder is now in the front of the fan vote to become the All Star starter. If it holds up, he would be the first Brewer elected starter since Molitor in 88! I just hope the HR Derby doesn't mess up his swing, but I don't see how it can since all he has to do is swing normally and the ball will go about 700 ft. If Pujols is voted to be the starter, than one again you will see the flaw of the fan vote, as he isn't even deserving of going to the game at all.
It's not much but....
This post was pretty weak in content, but I am working on a couple things that will be a long term thing. First I made a pact to myself to lose some weight, I might keep some blogs about that. Also, just random thoughts and tidbits. Until next time folks...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Las Vegas Navidad, I Love It - Part 2

Room 24-303 - Monte Carlo
For real, ask for this real reason why, just that I stayed in it. Like the uncool real world suite. We get in our room, relieve ourselves. Jonny stinks the room up for just the 1st time. We then decide what our plan of action is. We decide that we would do our normal Vegas ritual and get some daiquiri's at the New York New York , the Coyote Ugly to be precise. And I should let it be known, that you should always get the extra shot. It used to be $1, but due to rising prices of just about everything, is now $2....this is by far the best $2 investment you can make for it is about 4 shots worth of liquor. Yeah, one of these bad boys and I was feeling pretty damn good.

To The Pool!

Ok, we realize we are running low on sleep and that these drinks are giving us a good buzz...generally a bad comination. We decide to hang low and chill by the pool for most of the day. First thing was first though, we needed to refill our 64 oz of football drunkeness. What we do for this, to me, is ingenious. We get kool-aid packs, pack some cheap booze, and refill. It has been a staple in all of my Vegas trips, it saves lots of money. I, however, was forced to try Tang and Rum, it really wasn't too bad actually.

Now, the Monte Carlo has a wave pool and a lazy river...we were feeling lazy. So, we rented some tubes and plopped ourselves in the water. The lifeguard was quick to tell us that we could not bring our drinks in the water, but that she would happily let us store them under her chair for when we made our rounds.


COLD, MY GOD....ok, it is better now

We lap around, enjoy ourselves, stop for drinks, do it again. Then, some lady asked Aaron how the water was....a normal answer would be "cold, but it gets better". Aaron's answer is grabbing her arms and pulling her in, not knowing if she had a phone or anything on her, not to mention it is a 3 ft pool. Thankfully, she laughed about it, but WOW!

Eventually I noticed Streich and Jonny macking on some girl reading a book...I decide to investigate. We hang out for a bit, then Jonny informs me she is 17....NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERMIND. Anyhow, she goes to put her book away and join us in splashy fun, but we all left for some wave pool and sun action.

I actually spent most of the rest of our time outside talking to some Canadians and fellow Sconnies from Superior, they were nice, and I am sure I was a fool, for I was getting to be pretty drunk. It was time for me to pass out. And that I did, Jonny and I actually slept until 9:30, right when everyone was getting back from dinner. Still tired though, and we all call it an early night so we can be rested up for tomorrow. However, our slumber was interrupted by Mandy, who had just landed and needed a place to sleep. Me, being the gentleman I am, gave up my bed spot for the floor, which was a bad move.

Next up, Thursday and Friday ...............

Let me tell you, Friday will be a good one for you to read about!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vegas Vacation (w/o Chevy Chase) - PART 1

Who needs sleep anyways?!
No, this isn't the theme of the trip, this was actually the night before we left. Yes, we slept, a good 1 to 2 hours. Reasoning:

Monday afternoon after hearing about the Indians vs Angels series being moved to Milwaukee I figured I would be an idiot to not go Tue. night, so I call up some people and both Streich and Guss decide to tag along. Mind you Streich is going to Vegas as well. Once again, had to go watch the Indians once again call Milwaukee home, since Major League

After the 8th inning, it was getting to be past ***ALERT - MARK BUEHRLE JUST THREW A NO HITTER*** anyhow, the 8th inning past, it was after 9 and we had to drive to Algonquin to leave for our flight at 3 (it took off at 6) because of inclimate weather we wanted to make sure we got there in time. After finally meeting up with Mike, Andrea, and Jonny, we went back to Mike's place and crashed at 12:30 for a solid 2 hours.

After the alarm sounded I awoke is funny how I can't get up for an alarm for work after sleeping 9 hours, but can wake up no problem after 2 hours to go to Vegas.

Who needs to see while driving anyways?
I am obviously original in my headings! Streich and I followed the other 3 to the O'Hare extended lot. We were all wondering and hoping our flight would take off on time, we heard how snow was already accumulating in Milwaukee and it was cold and rainy in Chicagoland, very rainy! So rainy actually, I couldn't see. Wipers weren't fast enough, and the headlights weren't bright enough. An accident is the last thing I wanted (not that it is ever the first thing). Things got worse, the rain turned to sleet, then snow which meant things were getting slicker and slicker. Turns out Mike's car lost traction a couple of times. I think you can guess how this ends...we make it. We board the train bound for O'Hare, now hopefully the plane gets off before we have to sit around.....the suspense.

hint, it took off on time.

The plane took off on time, whew
After checking in, we met up with Giddee, Pootie, Halbach, and Jock-wee at the gate. I will be honest, I was shocked they beat us. Giddee looked like death coming off of a bacterial infection, I sure hopes she feels better.

Thankfully, everything is on time and we board Ted. After watching our safety video with the girl who talked out of the side of her mouth and the seats flying up around her, we were off. Even through the storm, Ted flew smooth...thanks Ted!

Jonny and I played some Nintendo DS, I watched some Pursuit of Happyness, I slept, I watched the Simpsons....MY GOD WILL THIS DAMN CONTRAPTION LAND ALREADY! Now, I fly all the time for work, but this was excrutiating....I was too damn excited. Finally I feel the pressure on my ears, we were descending....aaaaaaahhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit

Premature aaaaaaaahhhhhh shiiiiiiiit
Ok, 30 more minutes before we touch down, but whatever. Then we have to take the monorail "MONORAIL!!!" (as sung on Simpsons). Then wait for bags. However, I was suddenly interested in seeing the show with the topless girls which was being advertised in the airport.

After getting on the shuttle to the Monte Carlo, we do more waiting...for Mike to check in. Meanwhile the mean bellhop takes our bags in a forceable fashion. We couldn't check in for 20-30 minutes, so Sbarro was on all of our lists. After watching Mike do some gambling (I figured I could wait at least a couple hours before I started up) we finally head to our room. Room 24-303, remember that, and request it next time. NOW! WE CAN SAY IT, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Idiot On Air

Don Imus

This has been straight up annoying me! Every top news story, every headline, seems to be about Don Imus and his racial remarks. First off, I hate when the media latches on to a story and blows it up. What is worse, is that Don Imus might be the ugliest human being on this planet, so everytime there is a story, I am forced to look at his hideous mug. He honestly is exactly what I picture a serial killer would look like.

To the point - Don Imus on his radio show called the Rutger's women's basketball team "nappy headed ho's". Now, before I talk about the racial issues on this, I have to mention this. How classless can you be to completely insult student athletes on this level. Now, criticism is one thing, you see it all the time with men's college athletes, but you never here anyone calling the men "assholes", now calling women "ho's" is just about the equivelent, actually, much worse. Then to throw "nappy headed" in front of that? That is just stupid. Now I talk a lot of trash and often say insensitive things, but I would know this would be a tough statement to say....and to say it on the RADIO! Ugly has set into this guy's brain.

Now, is he a racist? Was he intending it to be racist? My opinion, no, I don't think so. The guy is just classless. From what I heard, I think what he was trying to say that Tennessee seemed to be groomed better for being on a national stage and the Rutgers team were "slobs". I think. This still would be a terrible thing to say, but it wouldn't have the racist terms in there. I might be wrong, this guy could very well be as racist as they come, I have never listened to him and can't form a proper opinion of him one way or another. I just feel he did not intend racism, he is just too stupid to realize that it would be a racist remark.

This brings me up to another annoyance, the word racism was involved, so guess who has to pop his nose in things, that is right, the Reverand Al Sharpton. Rev. Sharpton's heart is pure, and he is attempting to make the world a better place for all people of all races...but I get tired of seeing and hearing this man for every little issue. When pure hatred is spoken, I hope Rev. Sharpton is the first in line to condemn that person. I think I am just annoyed this time around, because with the extra attention he brought, it is just that much more I have to see Imus on T.V. Please don't get me wrong Rev. Sharpton has done many great things throughout his life and has paid his dues to be able to say what he feels needs saying.

With this blog covering racism, I want to mention something that is on a positive note. Jackie Robinson. Sunday the 15th is the 60th anniversary of Jackie's first day with MLB. It is a monumental day for civil rights. Jackie Robinson is respected by, what I would assume to be 99.99% of America. He helped to open up opportunites for African Americans as well as other minorities, in not just sports, but everyday life. Jackie Robinson made an impression on many whites as well, particularly the youth who were able to start realizing that segregation and discrimination is something that needed to changed. This weekend, MLB is honoring the man who "broke the color barrier" And we should all honor him, for he was a part of the change that helped make America better for all people! Jackie Robinson is truly an American Hero.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Month of March

Could it be the best month in the year?

Coming in like a Lion
So many great things seem to happen in the month of March, that it got me to thinking about the gloriousness that is the 3rd month. For me, I am obviously biased because my birthday falls within the March "borders". It was the 5th for those who were wondering and I do accept late birthday cards, preferably with money enclosed, and also for those wondering, I am dee freaking da.

It is not just my birthday either, I swear it seems like a good portion of my friends share the same birthday month as me. This led a few of us to coin the phrase "National Cool Birthday Month", if you do the math, that makes June a terrific month for ladies, what are you doing for Flag Day this year?

A Warming Trend
March is the month that winter is officially over and spring begins. While snow might linger around until April, just knowing that it is officially spring is a welcoming, warming thought for those in the northern states, like myself. March is the month that those first, warmer days start to arrive. Normally after January and February where the temps can be brutal and often sub zero, when the 40, 50, and 60 marks are hit, it is like a renewed energy in the air....March is the month that provides those days of hope, the days where you think, summer is almost here, another winter is over. In March, if the snow is off the ground you will start to see golfers hitting the links, another welcoming thought for those who enjoy golf.

March is for the bookies
Speaking of sports, few months can boast more of an electric sports month. Another sign of summer is the when the "boys of summer" are tossing the horsehide again. True, the MLB season doesn't start until April, but March is when the spring training games are played. Many fans will head to either Florida or Arizona to see their favorite teams in action again. Every team, every fan having hopes that this year will be the year.

For those NBA and NHL fans, the season is starting to wind down and playoff scenarios are starting to be formed. Every game starting to have more and more meaning for those who are in the chase.

And the obvious, March Madness. In my opinion the most exciting and thrilling time in all of sports. The big players, the cinderellas, the teams that just always seem to be there. College Hoops is in full force for both the NCAA men and women. Conference champions are crowned, conference tournaments are won, and for many smaller schools or teams that otherwise had no chance, winning the conference tourney means a trip to the big dance where everyone has a chance to make the Final Four. Then of course once the NCAA tournament starts, most American men and even many women are filling out the brackets, guessing how the field of 65 will play itself out. Winning often gives the victor bragging rights among friends, co-workers, peers, or family and often a small monetary prize. Everyone hoping they can predict who will best fit into Cinderella's glass slipper.

Beer, Ham, and Bare Breasts
Every good month has to have a good holiday. March has 1, and depending on the lunar schedule, sometimes 2 great holidays. Of course the former is St. Patrick's Day, and the latter is Easter.

St. Patrick's Day - While not a holiday many kids are waking up early to grab a box of Lucky Charms and listen to stories of how the great Saint ridded Ireland of its snake population. They aren't sleepless all night with hopes that "The O'Charley Bear" brings them a shiny new bike. No, this is a Holiday for the adults, and of course, the Irish. St. Patrick's day is an Irish day, and what better way to celebrate and honor the Irish than by getting drunk and rowdy. Chicago dyes an entire river green, bars all over the country offer up all day drink specials, green beer is consumed in mass quantities from sea to shining sea. Bottles of Guiness clanking to people yelling "BRILLIANT", Bailey's and of course Irish Car Bombs are thrown down the throats of the intoxicated who are merrily cheersing ERIN GO BRAGH, most not even knowing what that even means. St. Patrick's Day has become an excuse for the adults to let loose, have fun, and not worry about normal every day problems.

Easter - While often treated today as 2nd to Christmas, Easter is actually the most holiest of the Christian holidays. Easter is the day that the Christian Messiah Jesus of Nazerath rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, forgiving the sins of all who believe. How do we celebrate this occasion.....naturally with a giant rabbit, candy, and eggs. While many jokes have been made on this very subject, the point I have here is that Easter is a great holiday, especially for the kids. Coloring eggs, waking up and having to find where the Easter Bunny hid their basket full of candy and toys, biting off the heads of the chocolate bunnies starting with the ears, ham, and of course, Marshmallow Peeps. However, April likes to steal the Easter thunder from March. However, if Easter does fall later in April, this makes Fat Tuesday, best known as Mardi Gras, can fall in March.

Mardi Gras, often associated with New Orleans, is the final day to indulge before going into the lent season. And indulge people do! All I really need to say about the awesomeness about this is Alcohol and Boobs...I think those two words speak for themselves. Mardi Gras for the most part though is a February thing.

Out like a Lamb
So, you think about March, then think about the other months, it is a pretty damn sweet month. And now, I have to get ready to celebrate yet another March birthday.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The End of an Era - Dustin's time in Whitewater

Six years of Whitewater (School, Residence, Work)

That is right folks, next time I am in Whitewater, it isn't because I go to school there, it isn't because I live there, and now it isn't because I work there! No, the next time I go to Whitewater, I will be nothing more than a visitor, and that feels pretty good. I was starting to think this time might never happen. I guess I started with baby steps, first I graduated, then I moved out a year later, now not even a year after that, I will no longer be working in this town we call Whitewater.

Did I get fired? No. Did I quit? No, in fact I sort of like my job. How did this happen then? I am going to be honest, it was sprung pretty quick, within 1 day to be exact. I find out on Thursday, February 8 that me and the rest of my department will be moving to Waukesha. This was terrible news at first, for I live in Madison, and seemingly need to drive even farther than I already do. True, I am going to have to go for at least some time. Also true, if I don't get a pay raise, I am not so sure I am going to want to move for my job when I can get another, higher paying job, in the Madison area. However, this isn't as bad as I initially thought. Turns out, that my drive time will be exactly the same! GOODY!

So, as I left work, I thought, this might not be so bad afterall. In fact, I am quite relieved that I no longer need to feel ashamed to tell people that I work in Whitewater. I then have some thoughts about my days in Whitewater, for six years. And what better way to memorialize those moments than with a blog few people will read. It is true, that I will still make some Whitewater memories, but here are some highlights:

Dustin's Days in Whitewater

-Saturday, September 1st - Freshman move-in day, where it all begins

-Sunday, September 2nd - Meet many of my floormates in a thrilling game of ultimate frisbee (my first time playing)

-Tuesday, September 11th - Yeah, I wake up to my dad calling me saying, "your classmate Clint was killing in an accident this morning. Oh, turn on the TV!" Kind of a bummer day, and I still had econ class that day

-Every Wednesday freshman year = 243 Prairie

-Common dorm time party houses - 243, Hockey House, Starin, Attic, Ice House, Castle House, Green House, Cow House...umm bunch more

-October-November 2001 – I basically lived in the girl’s wing and drank kool-aid. There was of course the Space Shuttle comment made by a friend who had never really drank before.

-Halloween 2001 – Army Guy and party at 243 (go figure)

-December 2001 – Moonlight Breakfast. After pounding vodka, I go eat Esker’s late night breakfast, which is supposed to be an incentive for studying. I miraculously win a game of Lightning and walk away from the whole blurred experience with a brand new inflatable chair.

-February 2002
– Opening ceremonies of Winter Olympics in Utah. Jon S. and I cap off an entire liter of Jose Cuervo in Tom’s room. Tom was puking, Jon and I were playing with a remote controlled blimp owned by the RA’s crazy boyfriend who was wearing at the time a purple robe and combat boots. Scuba Steve drank a drink he termed “rapehole” (ginger ale and vodka), I still make fun of that drink and that name to this day.

-March 2002 – 19th B-day! Stacey and Kristi make Jon and I a cake and we play Mario Kart. It sounds simple, but was actually simply amazing.

-May 2002 – Time to move out, say goodbye to new WW friends and move back home

-September 2002 – Move Back in for Sophomore year!

-Sophomore Move in Night – Most of you have heard this one before, the night I claim to have been rufied. Party at one of the frat houses. Two lines for beer, one for guys one for girls. The guy’s line is ridiculous so I have Kristen fill me up. I swear I only had a couple drinks and suddenly I wake up the next morning in my neighbors room having puked in my sleep. I have brief memory of walking around the 6 pack completely lost as to where I was. I called my LaCrosse friends asking them which house was theirs. Grass stains on my calves! It was interesting to say the least, by far the most I’ve been messed up.

-October 2002 – Plans to live with Schneits and some others falls through. After deciding to go to some apartment party with some guys new to 2nd floor I mention that fact to one of the new guys named Mike (who I remembered from Freshman year as the guy that walked home from Econ with Christine and I, and walked so damn slow). Mike explains that him, his roommate Andy, and the two guys in the triple room, Justin and Tim were possibly looking for a 5th roommate.

-Same Night as Above – On walk home across campus, when near the Williams Center a group of girls yells out to us, asking if we know where the rape poles (emergency blue light flashy things) are because the guys behind them were following them. They overall didn’t seem to concerned about the guys, but did ask that we gave them protection. I, in the perfect state of mind, pull a U-Turn and go back to Lee Hall with this group of fine young ladies. I find out that their names are Marie, Ashley, Barb, Kim, Ashley, and Jerilyn. We drank in Lee hall all night. This infused a whole new group of friends that would soon mesh. So, no matter which side you knew first, you can thank rape poles for knowing the other.

-Still October 2002 – Mike takes me to visit the house they were going to rent. It is a large blue house on Main St. It is pretty dirty, but Mike tells me tales of how they were going to pimp it out and make it a sweet party house. I am unsure until I go downstairs and see the Dalmatian print bar and the small crack you climb through to the other side of the basement. My god this is the Ice House! I sign immediately.

-Sometime Fall 2002 – After at the last second bailing my group of normal party goers to go to a different party because I had yet to ever go to the Attic whereas the other party on Starin I had been to for the last week straight it seemed like. When I returned to the dorm, I heard rumor that the party on Starin had been busted. After a couple hours my friends return, confirming the horrible truth. This bust set some sort of record and was all over the news. People were stuck in the basement for hours! I thank God for my last second decision.

-Homecoming 2002 – Drank it up in the “Ice House” yard…..#1 there

-Halloween 2002 – Not sure, I found a cheap suit at Goodwill and ran with it the best I could….no idea

-February 24, 2003 – Why do I remember this date? Because I look back on this day and shake my head. I started at Arrow Financial Services as a Collector’s Assistant. Turns out partying all the time and driving all over the state, from home, to Madison, to LaCrosse, costs a lot of money and quickly drained my savings. Time to get a job! I started training, and was happy to see a familiar face in Sara Guidinger who lived on 2nd floor with me Freshman year but then joined a sorority and moved out. Sara and I were merely acquaintances during our time in the dorms, but it was nice to see a friendly face to work with. It was on this day that I met my boss, Bernard. He helped teach me the ways of Title XIII, or the FDCPA. I remember three distinct things about my training with Bernard, we played Taboo, which was to help us learn how to not say certain words. He ordered us Pizza, I love free food. Also, I think I will always remember Window 10, the hot window, because he figured he was a perfect 10 on the hotness scale.

-Shortly after starting Arrow – I went to a small party, some friends knew some friends. Anyhow, I walk downstairs to see my boss Bernard! This was pretty scary; for he knew I was underage…I hoped this wouldn’t reflect poorly for me and my new job! (what little did I know, so na├»ve)

-March 5, 2003 – My 20th birthday, I don’t recall what I did, but I assume I got drunk

-All Sophomore year - Parties in the triple room, broken basement tables...things like that

-Hmmmmmm umm, May 2003 – Move out, done with dorms, back to work at the cheese factory for my farewell tour there.

-Summer 2003 – I help Mike clean the basement of the new pad on Main St. He lets me know that we are just going to call it the Blue House. Anyhow, we take out approximately 3,500 bags of dirt and garbage from the basement. I later develop bronchitis because of this experience.

-4th of July Weekend - First small party at the new house. Pretty good time, point is Matt passes out outside with money for Toppers. Toppers shows up, the money is gone. I would get pay back for Matt when it comes to Toppers

-August 2003 - I officially move into the Blue House

-Setember 2003 - Move in day for the dorms, naturally we throw a large kegger, it had yellow cups, how fun. Now I wasn't lying when I said I had a house cup. I end up riding around town in a U-Haul truck, don't ask.

-October 2003 - After months of planning it was time for a true party! Over 10 barrels, T-Shirts, Pizza, and 300 friends.....that is right, Homecoming. The party made the paper

- November 2003 - Coaster fight and kickball, see last blog

-All Junior Year - Darts, friends, beer, parties, keg-a-rator, front porch sitting, watching drunks walk home from the bar, throwing water balloons at the DZs

-December 2003 - We celebrate Christmas with a large tree decorated in beer cans. Play charades several nights. Then have a Christmas party, wine, large sub from jimmy johns, mistletoe, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Chipmunks....truly magical

-December 2003 again - I got promoted to be a collector at Arrow, goody

-New Years Eve - Lots of champagne everywhere, umm, it was fun but can't recall too much

-February 2004 - First kickball trophy (see below)

-February 2004 - Before sneaking into Pumpers for broomball Mike and I head to the Sigma house. I only knew the girls who lived in Knilans, and was most familiar with Sara. I got to know Boo Cha Cha Cha Charmin. Oh yeah, we made cupcakes for everyone. This was my first time in the Sigma House, it seemed so....forbidden, I even had to leave my alcohol outside (last time I ever do that). No one is really home, except I meet Leah, but she doesn't remember me that day

-March 4 - Night of my 21st, got pretty fucked up, we'll leave it at that

-March 5 - Highland crew rolls into town, do the 21 thing again

-March 17 - We heard the bars opened at 6 am for St. Patty's day, so not wanting to get up early, we decorate the house, buy some kegs and pull an all nighter before heading to the bars. We learn Styx is terrible at Moosehead. That day Leah met me , but I don't remember her that day (I just think those two inserts are sort of amusing)


-May 2004 - summer is starting, I am staying this year. Then the night before they are to move in, the new neighbors on the other side of the duplex move in. Apparently it was one's B-Day, her name was Jennifer, but she liked to be called Jenn with two N's. She turned 20, but I later learned it was her 20.5 b-day, but then I later learned that it was actually her 20th b-day. Anyhow she couldn't walk, and the true point is these girls were pretty hot and liked to drink. We were worried because we had some pretty awesome girls there beforehand as well.

-June 2004 - After the last day of elementary school (my volunteer hours), Leah breaks up with the only reason I am writing this is because to add insult to injury, she accidentally stabbed me in the leg with my own pocketknife. This night I got super hammered, and the summer of summers began! The summer of summers is called this because everyone that stayed in WW that summer, drank, every, night. I think I took off like, 5 nights of drinking all summer.

-July 2004 - Mike, Erin, Angie, and I, discover our love of Carny corn dogs at the WW 4th of July festival. This same weekend us 4 and Anus drink in the rain, then invite random girls that were on a walk to play football in the rain with us. We all go downtown wearing rediculous clothing. Later, we take Mark out for his 21st B-Day, no one actually knows what happened this night. This was the drunkest weekend of my life...and I ended up in the ER for my heart too, that was cool

-August 31, 2004 - Blue House Carnival!! It started as some random talk about carnivals and coupled with an idea someone had already, we decided to get a dunk tank, jumpy castle, and a jousting thingie. After the city tried to shut us down, we had everyone bring their own beer for the biggest beer pot luck ever. 800 pounds of ice to keep those bad boys cold.

-October 31, 2004 - Homecoming again! 21 Barrels then plenty of Jager later, we were ready to go to the bars for Halloween.

-Halloween 2004 - Guss, Larry, Mike, and I dress up as Care Bears....with children's costumes

-Senior Year - Basically, we just went to the bars every night. $6 all you can drink, $5 all you can know deals like that

Alright, this is getting too long, CONDENSED PART

- 3 more kickball trophys, graduation, move to church st, get job at generac, boone ct, bars, more bars, moved to Cottage Grove, still work in WW

- February 2007 - I get moved to work in Waukesha

sorry if you were saddened by me skipping 2005 and 2006 basically, but really all I did was go to the bars...i mean WW starts to become repetitive after a while anyhow. pics will come if you actually care

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kickball 2007 - The Dynasty Conitinues

Where is Bryant Gumbel When You Need Him
Real Sports in America, yes there is the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, PGA, and more, but most American's are not fortunate enough to have enough talent to participate in these elite professional and collegiate leagues. Sports however, play on, it is part of the American way of life, talent or no. Whether it is playing a friendly game of football with your family on Thanksgiving or maybe playing some intramurals sports during college, people enjoy participating in competitive sports. One avenue people pursue to play, is bar sports. Many times bars will hold, softball leagues, volleyball leagues, dart tournaments, or maybe even a pool league. Today's story talks about a true American sport, one most people haven't played since grade school, kickball!

Past Kickball experiences
Kickball with me and my group of friends is not a new concept, in fact our first kickball tournament was in November 2003. I entitle this our "first, failed kickball experiment". At the time I was in the marketing organization AMA, and there was an AMA sponsored event for a kickball tournament. I brought this info to my roomates, and we decided we pretty much had to get a team.

After rounding up about 10-15 of our close friends we decided that 8 am is pretty early, and no one wanted to get up that early. Solution...pull an all nighter! This seemed like a great idea, that way we were good and tipsy by tournament start. Another idea, buy a quarter barrel to take the lakefront with us to keep the booze in our blood.

This night before, this all nighter, is forever termed the "Coaster Fight". What do a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds do with themselves when annhilated and decide to not go to bed, act like little children of course! Justin, my roomate, worked at a hotel bar and had brought about 500,000 Miller Lite coasters, and once one person got the idea to throw one, it turned into 500,000 flying coasters. Thankfully this was all caught on camera. We also decided to do calesthenics in the front yard at 7am, I often wonder what people driving to work thought about this.

First Failed Kickball - 7am

So, we get to the park, and I honestly don't remember how we did, I think we won 1 or 2 games, not sure really. All you need to know: Jake R. shaved a J in his chest, Tim wore a mullet wig, Bitch painted a fu manchu and passed out in the truck, and I managed to tackle a cripple OOPS! We find out that the bar across the street, The College Pub, was holding a pitcher racing tournament. This was more our style, so naturally us underagers go into the bar. After 2/3 of our team was kicked out of the bar (the ones without fake IDs), us remaining drank as many pitchers as we possibly could....and since we were already drunk and had no sleep, it wasn't too many, in fact we may have finished last in that. But this will be fuel to the fire! This is also important to note, it was my first time ever in the College Pub, a place I will soon spend most of my money on.

February 2004, the College Pub was hosting its own kickball tournament on the ice! Unfortunately, I was not 21 yet, but many of us were now, and we also had the "Irish" guys who were 2 years older than us. I don't know what happened since I went to LaCrosse that weekend, but I do know we won the pitcher racing trophy but lost the kickball.

February 2005, we are all 21 now and looking to repeat our drinking championship! Last year we won it handily, but this year we met up with a formidable opponent, the dreaded Harold's! We both came with one thing on our mind, drinking trophy. We no longer cared about the kickball, in fact we forfeited the quarterfinal game to stay and drink. On this day, things got intense, and our team from last year was split in two! The "Irish" guys made their own team knowing that us "Blue House" people were all 21 and could hold our own. Well, the blue house was ahead of the Irish, but the Harold's were ahead of the Blue House. There was fights over this, I kid you not! In a move that might rank up with Hitler's decision to invade Russia, the Harolds's started the chant "FUCK THE BLUE HOUSE!" This of course infuriated us as well as our friends "The Irish", we struck a deal that they would drink on our team and soon we had a commanding lead and would take home the 2nd straight drinking trophy with about 250 pitchers drank.

February 2006, this time we were all together from the start again the Harold's have been talking smack for a year now, claiming they will win this time around, we of course could not let this happen. This year there was no ice for the kickball event either, but it didn't matter we lost 2 in a row. Our goal was 300 pitchers, I think we finished with 295, well ahead of the already passed out Harold's, the threepeat was acheived. Most figured this to be the last hurrah, after all we were all out of school, and would be yet another year older in 2007 with less tolerance. It was decided though in December 2006 that we would indeed pursue a 4th!

2006 drinking champs - 3peat!

The 2006 Trophy

Events of Kickball 2007

The T-Shirts were in, the contestants ready, and for once no one went out the night before. We were fresh and ready to go. This year there was ice, in fact, it was sub zero temperature. It was F'ing cold!

I arrive at 8 am to our team already drinking, right now, we are few in numbers compared to the Harold's, but one of our strengths is our laziness. We get reinforcements throughout the day to help pump up the drunks and it is always good to get some fresh livers in the game.

Game 1 of kickball
I adorn my ski goggles and rediculous Packers headband and we head out on top of Cravath Lake. We played "God's gift to Earth" Which I think was made up of the UW-Whitewater baseball team. It was a sort of boring game, they had won 1-0, and after plenty of slips on the ice and enduring the cold, it was time to focus on drinking.

I walk back in to see more of our friends had arrived, but we seemed to be down early on the pitcher count. No worries, they always start fast then fade off, we still had half of our team not there yet. Naturally, I wore safety glasses and one of my favorite hats. The hat is an old school style hat, but it is green and has written in yellow "Bears Suck". This was a great hat today, for the Bears were going to be playing in Superbowl XLI the next day, and since I we are in Wisconsin (Packer Country) the hat was widely loved. It was nice to catch up with old friends. All the old Blue House roomates were back together in Whitewater, the boys of 137 Prairie (Irish) were back in town, then all of the other friends who now live scattered throughout the state were all back and ready for a good old fashioned, all day drunk.

Game 2
I'm a littler drunker, but it is still cold. It appears my buddy Bernard was well prepared though, with a complete ski mask, massive boots, and hand warmers. I think this was the luck we need, for we won 2-0. After a good round of "Good Games" it was time to rush back in to warm up and drink more beer.

Here is where things start to get blurry, I can no longer drink like I could 2 years ago. Two years ago, I drank almost every night, but now with work, I no longer have my liver trained. What is nice from after the first Ice Kickball, is we are now mostly friends with the Harold's. There was taunting, but no more bad blood. I think the other teams aside from us two, quickly realized they were not going to be winning the drinking trophy. I glanced over at the board, we were still down, but that was not the worry, right now, the Badgers were about to play Northwestern in basketball. Well, the won, after a round of the "Budweiser Song" it was time to play again.

Game 3
I am just going to say we lost 21-0 and were eliminated

STILL DOWN!! And it wasn't looking good for us, the dynasty appeared to be over, but oh well it was a good run. Many people start to file home for a nap, it is late afternoon and only a couple hours to go in the pitcher races. Those who remained from the our teams kept the drinking going, no matter how drunk they were already. I think I blacked out now.

Next memory, Gumby (owner of the Pub) hands us the trophy! WE DID IT, somehow. It was a rush to gather our three previous trophies and flaunt all 4 in everyone's face. Pictures were taken of the champs, smiling, pass out!

The Harold's in 2007

I was hungry, so I walk to Rosa's Pizza to get the best Italian Beef in the world, it is dark now, and I think in my drunken mind, it was bar time. I go back to my friend's place on Boone Ct, eat my food, take off my pants, and pass out. I wake up at 1:30, realize that no one went back out, then went back to bed.

Morning After
I go back to see my triple E friends, and was asked how we did. Naturally, I beam and say we won! Everyone seems shocked, they had left to what seemed like an obvious defeat. I call my roomate Mike, inform him we did win. He is shocked because he too left early and then was told by others who left after him that we lost. He was happy to hear, but was quickly pained by the thought that we might have to try for #5!

2007 Champs - 4 Time Drinking Champs

February 2008 anyone?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

2007 - One down, Eleven to go

I have to admit, for once I was looking forward to a new year, wheareas, normally I really don't care. Normally it is just another day in this game called life. However, 2006 wasn't really my favorite year, so a meaningless change in the number of what we call "years" was a welcomed relief.

Why wasn't 2006 the best year ever? First there is the global issues that plague this planet: North Korea going nuclear, Iran close behind, the ongoing Iraq struggle, and the seemingly increasing amount of terrorism or terrorism threats all across the globe.

Second, there were growing National problems across this great land. Multiple scandals in the U.S. Congress, a government that cares more about making the opposite party look bad than caring what the majority of the citizens want or think. There have been increasing amounts of protesting, over just about everything: gay rights, anti-gay rights, anti-war, illegal immigration, and my favorite protest, protesting at fallen soldier's funerals, basically saying "your son died in Iraq because we are allowing homosexuals to marry" classy. For the record, I hate protesters, find something better do to with you life.

Lastly, and more importantly, 2006 wasn't the best year for personal reasons. It started off with a bang, I wake up New Years morning to a death threat from a friend.....I knew it was going to be a good year after that. That soon followed with the death of my Grandpa. I turned 23, and according to Blink 182, no one likes you when you are 23. I was looking forward to St. Patty's day, however was sidelined from the festivities after an emergency appendectomy. Then summer came along. This was the first summer where work had to be my number one focus, not fun and drinking in the sun everyday. 2006 was my first full year of having a full time job, and it hurt watching many of my friends go out and have fun every night while I was left hearing about the stories. This was of course a major factor as to why I had to get out of Whitewater, and in May I moved out of town. Then in September, I go in for surgery #2, in which I finally fixed my SupraVentricular Tachycardia (heart procedure, yay). Add all that to the fact of going a full year without any significant relationships, and you have a mix for not all that great of a year.

Don't get me wrong, I still had a lot of fun last year, kickball 3peat, Cincinnatti, countless Brewers games, Denver and the double decker bus. Just now that I know how to manage fun with a work, it hopefully will be a great 2007 (that and finally most of my friends are all out of school and will have the normal partying days of Fri and Sat).

January 2007

One month in, and some things are different already. The voters spoke last November, and the Democrats were put in power. Starting in January they possibly passed more legislature in 2 weeks than was passed in the last 2 years, but let's see where this goes from here on out. President Bush, is forced to work in a more bi-partisan manner, something he has never had to do. It seems odd to hear that mistakes may have been made and that he is willing to listen to the opposition.

Saddam is officially gone, unless we spill the blood of the innocent Canadians and he comes back with Satan. However, unlike South Park, I think Saddam will be Satan's bitch, not the other way around.

Lastly, no death threats this New Years, Badgers basketball is en route to an amazing season (hopefully), and we are just a few days away from a possible 4-Peat Kickball championship....well, the drinking champions I should say. Lets make this a great year and lets do it month by month, next up is February. Tomorrow is Groundhog's Day, so make it a point to watch the Bill Murray classic because I am honestly more excited knowing that movie will be on than I am about the large rat seeing his shadow.

On a side note, I hope I do not relive tomorrow over and over again because I will be dealing with airport security and sitting on a long flight home.