Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Idiot On Air

Don Imus

This has been straight up annoying me! Every top news story, every headline, seems to be about Don Imus and his racial remarks. First off, I hate when the media latches on to a story and blows it up. What is worse, is that Don Imus might be the ugliest human being on this planet, so everytime there is a story, I am forced to look at his hideous mug. He honestly is exactly what I picture a serial killer would look like.

To the point - Don Imus on his radio show called the Rutger's women's basketball team "nappy headed ho's". Now, before I talk about the racial issues on this, I have to mention this. How classless can you be to completely insult student athletes on this level. Now, criticism is one thing, you see it all the time with men's college athletes, but you never here anyone calling the men "assholes", now calling women "ho's" is just about the equivelent, actually, much worse. Then to throw "nappy headed" in front of that? That is just stupid. Now I talk a lot of trash and often say insensitive things, but I would know this would be a tough statement to say....and to say it on the RADIO! Ugly has set into this guy's brain.

Now, is he a racist? Was he intending it to be racist? My opinion, no, I don't think so. The guy is just classless. From what I heard, I think what he was trying to say that Tennessee seemed to be groomed better for being on a national stage and the Rutgers team were "slobs". I think. This still would be a terrible thing to say, but it wouldn't have the racist terms in there. I might be wrong, this guy could very well be as racist as they come, I have never listened to him and can't form a proper opinion of him one way or another. I just feel he did not intend racism, he is just too stupid to realize that it would be a racist remark.

This brings me up to another annoyance, the word racism was involved, so guess who has to pop his nose in things, that is right, the Reverand Al Sharpton. Rev. Sharpton's heart is pure, and he is attempting to make the world a better place for all people of all races...but I get tired of seeing and hearing this man for every little issue. When pure hatred is spoken, I hope Rev. Sharpton is the first in line to condemn that person. I think I am just annoyed this time around, because with the extra attention he brought, it is just that much more I have to see Imus on T.V. Please don't get me wrong Rev. Sharpton has done many great things throughout his life and has paid his dues to be able to say what he feels needs saying.

With this blog covering racism, I want to mention something that is on a positive note. Jackie Robinson. Sunday the 15th is the 60th anniversary of Jackie's first day with MLB. It is a monumental day for civil rights. Jackie Robinson is respected by, what I would assume to be 99.99% of America. He helped to open up opportunites for African Americans as well as other minorities, in not just sports, but everyday life. Jackie Robinson made an impression on many whites as well, particularly the youth who were able to start realizing that segregation and discrimination is something that needed to changed. This weekend, MLB is honoring the man who "broke the color barrier" And we should all honor him, for he was a part of the change that helped make America better for all people! Jackie Robinson is truly an American Hero.

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