Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Month of March

Could it be the best month in the year?

Coming in like a Lion
So many great things seem to happen in the month of March, that it got me to thinking about the gloriousness that is the 3rd month. For me, I am obviously biased because my birthday falls within the March "borders". It was the 5th for those who were wondering and I do accept late birthday cards, preferably with money enclosed, and also for those wondering, I am dee freaking da.

It is not just my birthday either, I swear it seems like a good portion of my friends share the same birthday month as me. This led a few of us to coin the phrase "National Cool Birthday Month", if you do the math, that makes June a terrific month for ladies, what are you doing for Flag Day this year?

A Warming Trend
March is the month that winter is officially over and spring begins. While snow might linger around until April, just knowing that it is officially spring is a welcoming, warming thought for those in the northern states, like myself. March is the month that those first, warmer days start to arrive. Normally after January and February where the temps can be brutal and often sub zero, when the 40, 50, and 60 marks are hit, it is like a renewed energy in the air....March is the month that provides those days of hope, the days where you think, summer is almost here, another winter is over. In March, if the snow is off the ground you will start to see golfers hitting the links, another welcoming thought for those who enjoy golf.

March is for the bookies
Speaking of sports, few months can boast more of an electric sports month. Another sign of summer is the when the "boys of summer" are tossing the horsehide again. True, the MLB season doesn't start until April, but March is when the spring training games are played. Many fans will head to either Florida or Arizona to see their favorite teams in action again. Every team, every fan having hopes that this year will be the year.

For those NBA and NHL fans, the season is starting to wind down and playoff scenarios are starting to be formed. Every game starting to have more and more meaning for those who are in the chase.

And the obvious, March Madness. In my opinion the most exciting and thrilling time in all of sports. The big players, the cinderellas, the teams that just always seem to be there. College Hoops is in full force for both the NCAA men and women. Conference champions are crowned, conference tournaments are won, and for many smaller schools or teams that otherwise had no chance, winning the conference tourney means a trip to the big dance where everyone has a chance to make the Final Four. Then of course once the NCAA tournament starts, most American men and even many women are filling out the brackets, guessing how the field of 65 will play itself out. Winning often gives the victor bragging rights among friends, co-workers, peers, or family and often a small monetary prize. Everyone hoping they can predict who will best fit into Cinderella's glass slipper.

Beer, Ham, and Bare Breasts
Every good month has to have a good holiday. March has 1, and depending on the lunar schedule, sometimes 2 great holidays. Of course the former is St. Patrick's Day, and the latter is Easter.

St. Patrick's Day - While not a holiday many kids are waking up early to grab a box of Lucky Charms and listen to stories of how the great Saint ridded Ireland of its snake population. They aren't sleepless all night with hopes that "The O'Charley Bear" brings them a shiny new bike. No, this is a Holiday for the adults, and of course, the Irish. St. Patrick's day is an Irish day, and what better way to celebrate and honor the Irish than by getting drunk and rowdy. Chicago dyes an entire river green, bars all over the country offer up all day drink specials, green beer is consumed in mass quantities from sea to shining sea. Bottles of Guiness clanking to people yelling "BRILLIANT", Bailey's and of course Irish Car Bombs are thrown down the throats of the intoxicated who are merrily cheersing ERIN GO BRAGH, most not even knowing what that even means. St. Patrick's Day has become an excuse for the adults to let loose, have fun, and not worry about normal every day problems.

Easter - While often treated today as 2nd to Christmas, Easter is actually the most holiest of the Christian holidays. Easter is the day that the Christian Messiah Jesus of Nazerath rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, forgiving the sins of all who believe. How do we celebrate this occasion.....naturally with a giant rabbit, candy, and eggs. While many jokes have been made on this very subject, the point I have here is that Easter is a great holiday, especially for the kids. Coloring eggs, waking up and having to find where the Easter Bunny hid their basket full of candy and toys, biting off the heads of the chocolate bunnies starting with the ears, ham, and of course, Marshmallow Peeps. However, April likes to steal the Easter thunder from March. However, if Easter does fall later in April, this makes Fat Tuesday, best known as Mardi Gras, can fall in March.

Mardi Gras, often associated with New Orleans, is the final day to indulge before going into the lent season. And indulge people do! All I really need to say about the awesomeness about this is Alcohol and Boobs...I think those two words speak for themselves. Mardi Gras for the most part though is a February thing.

Out like a Lamb
So, you think about March, then think about the other months, it is a pretty damn sweet month. And now, I have to get ready to celebrate yet another March birthday.


bdogschneeby said...

ummm dustin you are most definitely correct March is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

but cmon man, march was sooo long, lets blog about something new already!