Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where you at?

Hey, didn't you go to Cleveland? I want to read about it!

Yeah yeah, back off, I'm busy doing mostly unimportant things

Soon enough kids

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Quick Thoughts

- I seriously need to stop thinking of good blog ideas while laying in bed. I come up with one, but then I forget it the next morning after promising myself I wouldn't forget. I should keep a pen and paper nearby me....Or, it could be a thought you think is good, but really isn't (see Seinfeld Season two - The Heart Attack)

- Though I will forever maintain that I hate Twitter. I found a cool application for Twitter for the blackberry: UberTwitter. If you look at my posts it will give you a map of my GPS coordinate at the time of my posting. If there is a picture, you will see both the picture and where I was. Pretty neat!

- Speaking of GPS locations, I love Google Latitude.

- I'm really glad Jorge Julio is off of the Brewers.

- Conan O'Brien's first "The Tonight Show" was hilarious. Monologue seemed lacking, but the overall show was still fantastic. Also, good to see Andy Richter back...hopefully he won't seem as stiff going forward as he seemed that first show.

- If does eat oats, and goats eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy....what do three toed sloths eat?

- I'm going to Cleveland next weekend for a bachelor party, why Cleveland?....why not Cleveland

- What is Ned Yost doing these days? My guess is drinking lots of beer and throwing things at the TV when the Brewers win....also, I'm guessing he hasn't shaved since September.

- I think a cool, yet lame thing to say on Monday is: - "I'm making like Garfield and hating on Mondays"

- Really hope it is nice this Friday, I want to see Pat McCurdy @ Riversplash

- Sheffield's House - Your source for WI sports news and tidbits is now twittering

- What's it say about France when two of their most famous leaders in battle were 1) a teenage girl and 2) A short man with an inferiority complex

- I am working on the next part of my collegiate story. Some names should be dropped for those wondering where they will fall into the picture.

- Is it wrong to have said "Jesus was an alcoholic"? I mean, he lived in a rather arid country, and had a bunch of water, a hard thing to come by I am sure. Well, instead of giving people this nourishing, life sustaining water, he ruins it by turning it to wine, assumingly to have a shindig of biblical proportions.

- So, Mike has already made the comment about having another Carnival at his new house....I will keep mentioning this until it happens!

- I am awaiting for details on the new Scavenger Drunk - v.MKE, maybe the fella at Tepid Epics will have some answers soon.

- I finally, after a horrid start, have a winning record on my Brewer games attended 5-4. If you were counting, my cheese fries eaten to games won while attended ratio is now 3:5