Monday, January 28, 2008

Bush's final State of the Union!

That sounds good doesn't it? The words, 'George W. Bush' and 'final' are together starting to become more frequent. No matter who wins the 2008 Presidential election, our country will be in a better position.

Anyways, I am going to actually watch this thing, as it came on after American Gladiators, and this seemed like a good idea. You will get live time blogging, similar to my Packer vs Cowboys game. Anyways, I am going to watch NBC's coverage.

8:05 - "Madame Speaker, The President of the United States"

8:06 - Brian Williams lets me know that they were debating if W. would wear a blue tie...he did.

8:08 - I wonder if Pelosi keeps her blinking levels down this year?

8:09 Dick Cheney scares me. I wonder if everyone cheered because it is Bush's final year? First sentence was legible.

8:11 - Pelosi is doing many, non-stop. Dick Cheney is scouting who in the chamber he could kill with his thoughts, zero blinks on his end.

8:14 - First bad joke of the night. Bush says some people are happy to pay higher taxes and that the IRS accepts checks or money orders....Dems were not enthused.

8:17 - Clinton count - 1 ..... Obama count 1

8:18 - Clinton - 2

8:19 - Obama - 2

8:20 - Bush says reading scores are on the rise....if only he had that level of education when he was younger

8:21 - Obama - 3...also, first random black guy in the gallery. Ted Kennedy could be sober, but I doubt it

8:23 - I admit, I do like free trade agreements

8:24 - pronuciation error - traf-fuckers. He broke it up just like that too, amazing

8:26 - First sleeping old guy....seriously, that guy was out

8:27 - Obama - 4 Clinton - 3 (is Edwards here tonight, or is he being left out like always?)

8:28 - Bush wants us to be dynamic in science...he is still hoping for invisibility so he can check out the girls locker am I.

8:31 - 2nd random black guy in the gallery. good lordy, some old lady has a ridiculous blue hat

8:32 - Ted Kennedy is struggling to read his program. He could be either old, or drunk....or both (FYI - I never said drunk is bad..I am drinking myself right now)

8:33 - By the end of the year we are doubling our border patrol.....more Larry's will be appreciated on my end, as long as he keeps simulating shooting people in the legs.

8:36 - Mentions of 9/11 - 1

8:37 - Mispronunciation - 'Terra'

8:38 - 2 military dudes seemed to look stunned when Bush said we are adding 200,000 marines

8:39 New mission was given to our soldiers in Iraq last with the Iraqi soldiers and people, and attack terrorists in their strongholds. Now I am no military stragesist, but shouldn't we have been doing that from the start?

8:42 - I think they just showed Paul Ryan....go WI

8:42 - Clinton - 3.5 (Biden was the focus)

8:48 - Mispronuciation - 'Kurs' (Kurds)

8:53 - Clinton - 4.5

8:53 - 9/11 count - 2

8:55 - Bush is trying to protect his ass on wiretapping.....illegal wiretapping. Dems were remarkably silent. The Repubs can officially yell "yay"

8:56 - "More Freer" (free-er?) is that right?

8:58 - Far and away better than random black guy. Random black woman in traditional African garb with leopard print shirted kid. Just goes to show, all people love G.W.

8:59 - John Kerry = Lurch. YES!!! BOB DOLE IS HERE!!!! Bob Dole says, Bob Dole takes Viagra

9:01 - Mutton Chops count - 1

9:02 - It is over

9:03 - Obama - 5

9:03 - Brian Williams has said the word final what seems like 12309 times.

9:05 - Orange coated lady member of the house of reps said "You make me proud to be an American" I guess that is true. If that guy can spend 8 years as the world's most powerful man....anyone can. God Bless America!

9:09 - Mitt Romney talking about the speech....typical campaign rhetoric. blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Broken Washington, someone outside of Washington.....ok Mitt, way to bring that broken Washington/change, theme after Obama's Iowa win

9:16 - Democratic response is the KS governor. Russert called her a new style Democrat...we'll see what that means.

9:17 - She said we are not dems or repubs, but Americans first....weird how for many years, Washington has forgotten that.

9:18 - "This is not a democratic response, but an American response" this chick running for President?

9:20 - Is it bad to think that I bet she was a good looker when she was young?

9:21 - "I am the commander in chief of our national guard" Seriously, is she running for president? Commader in Chief is a strong statement, no matter how it is worded

9:26 - Clinton's time to talk

9:29 - Not one notable comment..same old same old

9:29 - Obama's turn

9:32 - My biggest like of Obama is his commitment to uniting red and blue states. The first to say it as well.

9:33 - It is over. good night!