Thursday, August 30, 2007


After having a pleasant phone conversation with my good buddy and current whore on my mind, Bernard...I realized I have not let you in on my life and thoughts for far too long. In fact, I had to check what my last post was. My worst fears were realized when I saw that my last blog was how I was going to lose weight. As you can imagine, and as you have probably notice, I am still sitting pretty similar to where I was then.

Here is what happened though. I was doing well, and not really struggling, my portions were down, eating healthier, still drinking, and I was still losing weight. What happened you wonder? Honestly, life was going along pretty nice and I forgot. My weight worries melted off of me and I just didn't worry about it, or any other problems. Things are still rolling smooth for me, so that is nice.

Well, maybe not everything is running smooth. The Brewers have officially annoyed me. Not only have they given up first place, but they can't seem to string together any fact, once would be nice. Well, they are currently locked up in a tie with the Cubs for their final match up of the season. I am keeping faith, though starting to be a more pessimistic faith. But, if they falter for good, it is officially football season and I can do like most of Wisconsin already has and forget about baseball and focus on football.
The first Badger game is this Saturday, and while I don't have a ticket I will be doing some partying in Madison hanging around Camp Randall, then the Capital, then eventually State St. All in all, a nice little Saturday planned. Should be a rowdy good time with lots to drink.

Talk about drinking. I tried this Monster Energy drink that tastes like a Mocha, it was nice, and the energy is always nice when you are working. This week though was nice because I am in Florida, without having to drive a 24 ft trailer around. I took this picture today, I think it is funny. I head back home tomorrow though thankfully. Every time I go on a trip, Thursdays really get to be the day that I start to miss home and my small, unputaway apt.

When I do get to my apartment, I am going to throw my Brewer garb on, and head to meet Leah Shefizzypop and her bro and head to the game. Then obviously I already said what I am doing Saturday which leaves my Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) and that is refreshing because I am sick of plans, while it is nice to do things, it is also nice to do things on a whim.

And I just decided I would end this rambling blog.....on a whim