Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vegas Vacation (w/o Chevy Chase) - PART 1

Who needs sleep anyways?!
No, this isn't the theme of the trip, this was actually the night before we left. Yes, we slept, a good 1 to 2 hours. Reasoning:

Monday afternoon after hearing about the Indians vs Angels series being moved to Milwaukee I figured I would be an idiot to not go Tue. night, so I call up some people and both Streich and Guss decide to tag along. Mind you Streich is going to Vegas as well. Once again, had to go watch the Indians once again call Milwaukee home, since Major League

After the 8th inning, it was getting to be past ***ALERT - MARK BUEHRLE JUST THREW A NO HITTER*** anyhow, the 8th inning past, it was after 9 and we had to drive to Algonquin to leave for our flight at 3 (it took off at 6) because of inclimate weather we wanted to make sure we got there in time. After finally meeting up with Mike, Andrea, and Jonny, we went back to Mike's place and crashed at 12:30 for a solid 2 hours.

After the alarm sounded I awoke is funny how I can't get up for an alarm for work after sleeping 9 hours, but can wake up no problem after 2 hours to go to Vegas.

Who needs to see while driving anyways?
I am obviously original in my headings! Streich and I followed the other 3 to the O'Hare extended lot. We were all wondering and hoping our flight would take off on time, we heard how snow was already accumulating in Milwaukee and it was cold and rainy in Chicagoland, very rainy! So rainy actually, I couldn't see. Wipers weren't fast enough, and the headlights weren't bright enough. An accident is the last thing I wanted (not that it is ever the first thing). Things got worse, the rain turned to sleet, then snow which meant things were getting slicker and slicker. Turns out Mike's car lost traction a couple of times. I think you can guess how this ends...we make it. We board the train bound for O'Hare, now hopefully the plane gets off before we have to sit around.....the suspense.

hint, it took off on time.

The plane took off on time, whew
After checking in, we met up with Giddee, Pootie, Halbach, and Jock-wee at the gate. I will be honest, I was shocked they beat us. Giddee looked like death coming off of a bacterial infection, I sure hopes she feels better.

Thankfully, everything is on time and we board Ted. After watching our safety video with the girl who talked out of the side of her mouth and the seats flying up around her, we were off. Even through the storm, Ted flew smooth...thanks Ted!

Jonny and I played some Nintendo DS, I watched some Pursuit of Happyness, I slept, I watched the Simpsons....MY GOD WILL THIS DAMN CONTRAPTION LAND ALREADY! Now, I fly all the time for work, but this was excrutiating....I was too damn excited. Finally I feel the pressure on my ears, we were descending....aaaaaaahhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit

Premature aaaaaaaahhhhhh shiiiiiiiit
Ok, 30 more minutes before we touch down, but whatever. Then we have to take the monorail "MONORAIL!!!" (as sung on Simpsons). Then wait for bags. However, I was suddenly interested in seeing the show with the topless girls which was being advertised in the airport.

After getting on the shuttle to the Monte Carlo, we do more waiting...for Mike to check in. Meanwhile the mean bellhop takes our bags in a forceable fashion. We couldn't check in for 20-30 minutes, so Sbarro was on all of our lists. After watching Mike do some gambling (I figured I could wait at least a couple hours before I started up) we finally head to our room. Room 24-303, remember that, and request it next time. NOW! WE CAN SAY IT, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit


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