Thursday, November 29, 2007

I hate you NFL Network

I figured this would happen. The 10-1 Packers vs the 10-1 Cowboys sqaure off in about 15 minutes. As most of you reading this know, this game is being aired on NFL Network. For my friends in the Milwaukee area, yes the game is being televised locally, but the problem is....I happen to be in Seattle.

The hope was my hotel bar would have it, negative. Well, there are a couple sports bars down the road....nope. The closest is a farther drive than I really feel like going to sit at a table by myself withholding my game time emotions. I am pissed, I am disappointed, and I am sad. To keep me occupied now as I watch the GameCast I am going to do a blog as I find out what is happening. Remember, GameCast is slower than the game, so my time stamps will not be accurate for the most part as to when I witnessed it. I will also put it in CST.

7:08 - ESPN News is on and I am pulling up GameCast. ESPN News will be doing constant game breaks, so I won't miss any big plays, I just won't see them as they happen.

7:13 - Open a bottle of Henry Weinhard's Blonde Premium Lager. A micro-brew here in the Northwest, it is a Gold Medalist at the World Beer Cup for American Premium Amber Beer. Note, their regular beer was the Gold in American Style Premium Lager. Minus the premium, and that is the same award as Miller Lite. The problem is there are too many categories.

7:15 - Computer automatically switched to the GameCast....must be game time, how, unexciting

7:18 - After watching idly for 3 minutes, I now know Koren Robinson returned the kick for 29 yards. GO PACK GO!

7:18 - A first down pass immediately after the kick return....feels good to be lagged a bit. That or they ran the world's quickest play

7:24 - 3rd and 1 and they pass after Grant runs two hard runs...WTF?! I'll just argue there was interference. The yellow line's forward prgoress seemed to have been interupted. (not the first down line, the PAckers progress

7:25 - FG GOOD! 3-0 Packers

7:28 - Kicker made the tackle, that couldn't have been good. Also, ESPN News teases on their way to commercial, there was a score, was it Favre, was it Romo? Unless this thing is way behind, it was Crosby.

7:35 - Ok, this just takes forever, play, break, 3 plays happen bang bang bang.

7:36 - The blue bar is moving too far...eek. Also, GameCast hates 2nd downs.

7:38 - The bend don't break defense is succesfull again - 3-3

7:41 - ESPN News cracks on how this game has more points than Monday night's slopfest. That is funny. Apparently, NFL Network has some problem they can't release the video to ESPN after the

7:44 - Packers are the first team to punt....shit

7:48 - It appears the defense can't stop them

7:49 - If it is true that Romo cheered for Elway and the Broncos over the Pack in Superbowl XXXII, then I hate him

7:50 - Bend don't break - 3-6

7:54 - That is not good. Favre threw a pick. Romo is supposed to make the mistakes, not Favre.....UGH! I once again claim there was intereference.

7:55 - Owens is catching too many, looks like a Cowboy TD is imminent, they are on the 7 after a big pass. What is Harris doing?

7:57 - As figured, TD. *@#($ - 3-13

8:01 - We need a big drive here!

8:06 - The hotel internet is down. Everybody, do not stay at the Holiday Inn in Seattle next to the airport. These assholes deserve no one to stay here to piss me off like this. I could be writing this is vain!

8:07 - Thankfully ESPN News updated me to Grants long TD run. 10-13

8:09 - Internet is back. I also realized while I was struggling to get the net back, my friends back home were celebrating, that kind of hurt.

8:10 - 1st quarter is over. We got a good one. Just look at all these bars

8:12 - You have got to be kidding me!!!!! 10-20. Maybe we can get them to punt maybe once this game.

8:13 - I am still trying to get the 1st quarter pic in, so you won't be getting the picture for this last score. Screw it
8:15 - Our pass defense is obviously very different without Woodson. I just hope it was a good decision to sit him in the long run, because the way this game is going, not good!
8:20 - I want to try the BK Homestyle Melt sometime soon. Looks goo
8:22 - Looks like we got a typical Favre in Texas Stadium....ESPN News says Favre is hurt.......this blog is going to get a lot less interesting, for I am going to pay less attention. I am disgusted.
8:25 - Ray Buchanon is upset as well.
8:26 - ugh 1st and Goal
8:29 - 10-27.....My hatred for the Cowboys has just been renewed.
8:30 - TextTwist will not load, making this night even worse
8:31 - Aaron Rodgers is in. Favre is out. I hate Nathan Jones, he better hope Favre is fine next week!
8:35 - There is going to be a Gears of War film in 2009. Neat
8:36 - Text Twist is working.....later
8:43 - My six pack is gone. Debating whether I should go to the hotel bar for a few. Maybe after some TextTwist
8:51 - Interesting, I lost on the word fumble. I guess my mind was off football.
8:53 - Rodgers to Jennings - 17-27. eh
9:27 - TD PACKERS! 24-27. Rodgers seems to be playing well. The problem is the Cowboys will just open the air game back up. I am still very emotionless with Favre being injured.
9:34 - Playin some 1 vs 100, but might quickly resume full attention to GameCast
9:36 - Big pass to Crayton, as I figured, picking on our secondary again. Sounds like the Pack is playing a zone....why?
9:37 - Yep, big run now. This defense can't hold up to their end of the bargain. Now a big pass and they are in the red zone. Disgusting
9:43 - How are we allowing big rushes? I understand the passes with Woodson being out. 1st ang goal. Shame, would have been a good story line for Rodgers if the defense could have just held.
9:45 - End of 3rd quarter. Aye ya yai
9:48 - Thank you Al Harris, or sounds like, thank you T.O. for the drop into Harris' hands
9:49 - I wish Barry Melrose would give up on the mullet. We all know who you are now, you don't need the mullet to let us know you are the hockey guy.
10:00 - What shit, I found a link with the game on. All this, and I could have been watching
10:01 - just in time to watch the TD to pretty much seal this game by Crayton. damn it
10:03 - Wow, just saw the interference call...BAD CALL STRIPES!
10:10 - Collinsworth and Gumbel are terrible.
10:11 - That was a bad spot
10:12 - hell of a kick, clutch. But I am still reeling on that spot. Defense needs to step up big!
10:19 - Cowboys are making a finishing blow drive, also, this internet thing is choppy, and laggy, ut beats GameCast
10:21 - The defense jsut couldn't do it. It is a shame, Rodgers was showing a lot of promise, if he could have just gotten the ball one last time. How many times did the Cowboys punt? I can remember only one.
10:26 - They keep showing that bad interference call. Man, that could have been the difference in the game. Shame. I also was not a big fan of McCarthy not going for it on 4th and inches, though it wasn't a huge surprise, I still think the spot was bad.
10:32 - Well, game over. You know, injuries obviously played a huge part of this game. The defense just wasn't the same. I sure hope everyone comes back soon.
10:36 - I am just hoping Favre is fine. I am not at all shocked the Pack lost this game, and I am glad it was at least somewhat close. However, the main worry is if Favre is ok. Also, Woodson needs to come back as well if they are wanting to go anywhere in the playoffs.
Well, that is that.


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