Friday, December 19, 2008

#1. My Collegiate Life - Prologue (The Night Before It All)

Summer 2001, possibly the greatest summer ever! At least at the time, it was the greatest summer without a doubt! Why? Life was good, I was free from the grips of high school forever, I was now a regular at the party scene (Beermitzvah anyone?), and best of all, I had a girlfriend in which I adored. However, I knew that the summer would end and I would have to go off to college. Liz, my girlfriend of about 10 months, and I had talked about what we would do once the time came, but never really put too much thought into it until the time arrived.
Highland High School (No Scuzzie Pond in 2001)

Well, eventually, the time arrived. It was the last night before I was to move into my dorm in Whitewater, WI, some two hours away. Liz was the first person I had ever been in love with, so I was confused as to what I really wanted, but we both knew what direction we would be heading, it was the most logical. She was about to start her junior year in high school, I was about to start my freshman year in college. We were going to be in complete different settings and needed to experience life in its fullest, breaking up that night was the smart choice it seemed, instead of prolonging the inevitable.

As I headed to her house that evening, I knew it was going to be a sad night but one that had to be done. We said our tearful goodbyes and promised to stay in touch. Of course, in order to make us feel better, we told ourselves that if things were meant to be with us, it would all come full circle in the end. We gave our final kisses and hugs and I left.

[Not in my original story, blog readers only ] - For those who know me, or at least the fun parts about me that you like...a large portion of that is in part to Liz...I want to throw her props on helping me break out of my protective shell and helping me live life to the fullest. Many of you know me now as the guy who will do about anything for a good time, but, and I am sure she can attest to this, I used to be more concerned with what was considered 'wrong' or 'right'. --Thank you

Liz and I - Summer 2001

Before I went home I decided I would head to the most famous of all hang out spots in my town, the church parking lot! Not many people were there, mostly the soon to be Seniors. I went there to try and clear my head after the night’s events. There I was standing in the parking lot, next thing I know it is morning and I am in my car driving to Whitewater. What the hell just happened to the last 8 hours, well obviously most of that was spent sleeping. The truth is I was so filled with different emotions that there was not enough brain power to process to my memory. I was sad to have just broken up with my girlfriend, but I was excited for my new life as an undergrad to begin. What the hell happened in the lot? I don’t remember driving home, always scary (no, I was not drinking). I certainly don’t remember getting up and getting ready in the morning, and I was still bummed over Liz. You know when I came to though? It was when I got rid of my sorrows and completely replaced it with the excitement and fear of college. I was on I-90, Southeast of Madison, and pathetic story, that was the first time I ever drove on an Interstate. It was officially time to move into the next chapter of my life. My high school days were over. College, here I come!

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