Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Things That Annoy Me Right Now

There I go again, letting my blog gather dust. I promised people fun posts about all my fun summer adventures, yet I left you with nothing. You should know that I have had some fun summer adventures including an impromptu Fourth of July camping trip that involved a life threatening experience. Well, I'm being a bit dramatic, but seriously still a funny story (not at the time), you should ask me about it because I am not going to write about it for reasons.

Well, I still plan on getting my Cleveland notebook in, but, that's probably about it for the past events. So for now, let me just say a couple things that annoy me.

Bud Light's Slogan - Drinkability, what the hell is that? You know what gives it drinkability? The fact that it is liquid and can people can drink liquids. Bleach is drinkable, you don't see them advertising that!

Wedding Party Ceremony Dance - I'm not even going to post the video because it annoys me so damn much. All I envision is a bunch of bitches and douchebags. Save that shit for the reception, not the ceremony. I'm sure Grandma was looking forward to her beautiful grandaughter walking down the aisle in a lovely church setting. I have long been saying that the world doesn't break out in song and dance nearly enough, so why my hatred for it? I don't know, just disrespectful and frankly, retarded. My guess is they weren't even drunk.......which makes it even worse.


Jon said...

About the wedding ceremony - I liked it. It's a great way to show that if two people love each other and want to spend their life together, fuck the formalities. And screw the Church telling you how you must live your life. /rant

Dustin said...

Oh Jon, the last thing I care about is what the church thinks. You don't know me well enough. Trust me, I haven't found anyone else other than me that finds it annoying, but there is something about it that just rubs me the wrong way.