Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Own Burger War

With a large portion of Milwaukee all abuzz over the Food Network's, "Food Wars" episode airing tonight featuring two of Milwaukee's premier burger establishments, I have decided to do a food war of my own. This certainly isn't a new thing, I know there have been many people who have since tested the two burger joints (and more) in the area and have written about them. Everyone seems to have differing opinions though, and, well....I want to eat cheeseburgers.

With that being said, myself, along with Tepid Epics, will be trying some of the Milwaukee area's finest burger establishments and sharing our opinions in weblog form. While the details haven't been worked out officially, we are looking into trying the following burger joints:

AJ Bombers
Stack'd Burger Bar
Five Guys

other potentials include:

Cafe Centraal

I know there is 1 chain restaurant (5 Guys), but have you ever had it? It's fucking fantastic, and deserves a go around with our taste buds.

Stay tuned, I hope to be writing shortly about this.

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