Monday, October 13, 2008

Rookie Of The Year

This years ROY awards, are simple. I think everyone knows who will be winning in both leagues. So, here they are

National League

Geovany Soto - I spoke about him in the last post as a runner up for the silver slugger award. For the ROY, he has little competition. The closest may be Joey Votto of the Reds. What is most impressive about Soto is that he not just hot well, but controlled an amazing pitching staff. As a Brewers fan, I was hoping his ability to call games was lacking, for I knew he could hit. Unfortunately for me, he can call the game just fine.

American League
Evan Longoria - Sort of Ryan Braun effect, comes up in the bigs after a month or so, and just pounds the ball. Unlike Braun, Longoria doesn't have any close competition (Tulowitzki). He was a main part of the Rays reaching the postseason. I think you should keep an eye on this kid, superstar is written all over him

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