Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NLDS Game 1 - Brewers @ Phillies

Below is a timeline of the game and my thoughts:

1:45 - Jake and I arrive at a bar near his place called Grainger's. It was a fairly simple looking bar and grill, but had plenty of TVs to make sure no one missed a pitch, so, it would work perfect. There aren't too many people here as of now, but it is Wednesday afternoon and most people have a job (unlike Jake and I).

1:58 - I just remembered I forgot to eat lunch. This is troubling news as I have no job and should not be spending money on food. Jake notices a large wall filled with tequila, neat.

2:00 - We both agree FrankTV is just, not good.

2:07 - First pitch! We are under way.

2:08 - I ponder if Cameron will strike out, we both agree he probably will, Jake thinks looking, I say swinging.

2:09 - Yes, Cameron does strike out, looking, I win!

2:12 - Quick 3 up, 3 down. Hamels looks sharp.

2:16 - Did Rickie Weeks just flash leather? Maybe his defense won't ruin us (ha)

2:19 - Gallardo has a quick inning as well, he too is looking sharp. The bar is sort of dead right now, I think I may have been the only one cheering at this point.

2:25 - Hart still is not good....maybe later (ha)

2:27 - It is raining in Philly, will the game continue? (it does)

2:29 - I can not stand Shane Victorino's two-flapped helmet. I understand he is a switch hitter, but be normal and buy two helmets, you look retarded.

2:32 - I should be a color guy on TV. Jake asked if the rain would help or hinder a pitcher. I say that it would help a curve ball but hinder a fastball. Just a few short moments later they say the exact same thing on TV.

2:36 - The fans that spent $1,000s of dollars to sit directly behind home plate have all left to the confines of dryness. Panzy asses. If I was sitting there, they would have to pry me away after the game.

2:44 - Oh god! What a terrible play. Bill Hall bobbles it to ruin a double play, then Rickie Weeks drops the throw to first for an out. The ball hit his glove, he is absolutely terrible, I hate Rickie Weeks!

2:50 - Cameron just dropped the 3rd out scoring 2 runs.....would have been a tough catch, but it was in his webbing, tough to swallow right now how this all went down. Should have never come to this, Weeks is to blame for sure.

2:58 - Yo just walked in the 3rd run, Weeks is still to blame. In the playoffs, you can't give teams extra outs.

3:04 - We are being no hit through 4....not good

3:07 - I wonder at this point in time if Ned Yost is drunk watching the game at home, I mean smashed drunk! Dale Sveum is being interviewed and I envision a drunk and raged Yost tossing a bottle of beer through his TV. I'm sure he has another set he can watch.

3:13 - I still hate Weeks right now.

3:20 - Hart has just gotten the 1st hit of the game for the Crew...maybe he can keep it up now (ha)

3:22 - Weeks strikes out, I hate him

3:45 - Weeks = shitlist still

4:06 - Sorry for the delay, but the Brewers have nothing going for them, they suck

4:19 - Really, really gay

4:28 - Last chance, oh god

4:36 - Braun hits one down the line, 1 run in! How about a rally against Lidge, he is due for a blown save.

4:42 - Fielder has a good AB, but stikes out on a ridiculous pitch that would have been ball 4.

4:42 - Hardy is walked, WOOHOO

4:46 - Umm, Hart just struck out with two guys in scoring position....ugh he has been terrible. Brewers lose.

10:55 - Until tomorrow folks!

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