Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Thoughts #2

Hopefully this one doesn't take a year to post! (3/24/09 - not quite a year has passed, but there is little info covered...sort of a race based blog apparently, interesting [the Maine trip was my last at Generac - actually ended up in Norfolk, VA] Anyways, I'll post it to get it out and out of my way)


As I walk out my hotel room in Farmington Hills, MI, I spot a one of the maids and to my bewilderment, she was white. Now, this isn't going where you think I might be going, quite the opposite in fact. I decided there was no way I was letting her clean my room because if I know white people, and I think I would, it is that they can be lazy and take shortcuts. Or perhaps that is just myself. I then pray that it was the other lady (I think she is African) who cleaned my room prior to me staying as I would feel it to be much cleaner.


So, I was in Rockland, ME today. And for those of you not familiar with the state, Rockland is in the middle of nowhere Maine. And to be fair, everything in Maine is in the middle of nowhere, including Portland! Anyways, to the point. I am sitting outside of a Home Depot when I see a mother and son walking together. Well, this sounds pretty normal, but you should see what this gangbangin' 8 year old was decked out in. In a town where I am pretty sure the African-American presence is 0%-2%....(2% being very high guesstimate), this kid has baggy pants sagging below his waist, gigantic shirt, a doo-rag with a ghetto-patterned hat over that and tilted to the side. Now if that wasn't good enough, he had just a ridiculous pair of 'stunna shades'. Each lens covered 1/2 his face...so yes, his entire face appeared to be covered by sunglasses. PEOPLE, I AM IN MAINE. This was extremely amusing to me, especially because I wonder if this kid has even seen someone of a different race (other than native)? I also think of Office Space, where Michael Bolton turns the rap music way down when he sees a black person, then jams out when he passes by.....I see this kid being the same way, and that tickles me.

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Jon said...

You discriminating SOB. At least I know you aren't a true Liberal:

"In order to eliminate discrimination, the Modern Liberal has opted to become utterly indiscriminate."