Monday, March 30, 2009

50th Post

Yay, my first milestone, and it only took me three years to get here! It started after reading my friend Barney's blog and realizing that I too like to share my thoughts and adventures with anyone willing to listen/read. I also was in need of something productive to do with my time, as I was less than a year out of college and the weekdays certainly were not as exciting as they used to be, boredom started to set in. And even though I knew only several friends would make up the core of my readership, I find the whole idea of saying what is on your mind to be somewhat therapeutic and thus well worth it.

I remember it took me hours to think of a name, I wanted it to be clever and I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it had to be, well, perfect. As a pretty big fan of alliteration, I settled on The Bantering Butteris. I still like it to this day, though I wish I would perhaps thought of something that didn't involve my last name, as I now appear up in google searches, and I guess not everyone needs to know about my drinking adventures or my political philosophy, but, oh well.

I have certainly ignored posting to the blog many times, hence the sarcasm at the start of this. Truth is, I am not "married to it, and when things get busy or hectic in my life, then it is slips, and I'll be honest, sometimes I get lazy. Lately though I have picked up steam, and plan on continuing this momentum....hopefully I'll be having the 100th posting much quicker than 3 years time!

And now, so this post isn't entirely about nothing, I'll leave you with a couple little nuggets:


Bdogschneeby said...

nice job buddy!

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