Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Lesson to be Learned From A Tragedy

As some of you may know, especially for you sports fans out there. Nick Adenhart, a rookie for the LA Angels was killed by a suspected drunk driver just hours after throwing 6 scoreless innings in his Major League debut. This is of course an extremely sad story and much of the nation, including me, has Adenhart's family and friends in their hearts, minds, and prayers.

With opening day at Miller Park taking place tomorrow, many of the same fans who have heavy hearts over Adenhart's loss, will hop in their cars after the game after having a bit too many and had for home, endagering themselves and others. I am not in any position to criticize or look down upon, though I certainly wish I was....but people, think about what you've had before you turn that key in the ignition. If you aren't too sure, fire the grill back up and relax in the parking lot for a while. Many times last year I spent an extra hour or two, laughing at the people fighting for position in traffic as I tossed a football around. The best part is, I still get home at about the same time since I am not stuck in traffic.

Tomorrow, I am glad to say I have my sober ride set for tomorrow, and I hope you have yours set as well. The loss of a life is always tragic, be it an MLB player, a family of four, or even your own. Have fun, but please, Be Safe & Be Smart.

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