Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Randomness and Some Rehashing

Topic 1 - My College Story

I know a few of you out there have been reading my college story which I am very happy about, so I promise to not disappoint. The first two chapters were written about a year ago, I did nothing but copy and paste from that. Well, that pre-written supply has been exhausted. I promised Stacey that I would start writing again last week, and I want to let her and the rest of you know, that I have indeed started Chapter 3. It is much more taxing to write now as things aren't as clearly engraved in my mind as well as those first few days were when things were all new and exciting, but I promise I will deliver.

Topic 2 - Going Green

Well, not completely, but why not help out where I can. My inspiration came from, none other than a Wal-Mart commercial. The commercial simply stated that the disposable cups that you get from coffee shops can not be recycled because of the water proofing they have. Now, I rarely stop at Starbucks or any other place like that for my morning Joe, but I do use Styrofoam cups (which could be even worse). I am not a big coffee drinker, but I will drink it at work when I am feeling tired or sometimes just to have something to drink other than water. My company has styrofoam cups provided that we can use to fill up from the coffee pot and sometimes I might use a couple different cups throughout the day.

So, I got to thinking, why don't I take a mug into work with me. Something simple and will it make a noticeable impact, no, but I'll feel better. I think throughout this next week I am going to think about other things I can do to help the environment where I can. I certainly am not going to go all hippy or overly inconvenience myself, but if we could all just make a couple small changes, we might just make the world a better place. And I know there is a debate on if global warming is a natural or man made phenomenon (my personal belief is we are speeding up the natural cycle), but we can all agree that recycling more, saving more fuel, making less waste, etc... is a good thing, so why not?

If I come up with a good list, I'll post a blogpost about it. I just heard that tomorrow is Earth Day, so in honor I will try to have a list by tomorrow.

Topic 3 - Quick Political Rant

So, I am beginning to think maybe it would have been better if McCain had won the election. My reasoning, different than you might think. You know how sometimes you can have a person who is so upset that they lost that they just whine and whine and whine and whine until the people around that person just give up just to shut them up. That is what I feel like, I am sick of the whining by the right (the hippies whine too, but, no one really listens to them anymore), the spinning of stories to demonize President Obama. The latest, that Obama thinks veterans are potential terrorists. Well, the VFW has agreed with the statement that was made that we need to protect our veterans from being targeted by terrorists (a program started under Bush, FYI). Well the GOP spun that story and made it sound as if Obama hates America. Also, OHMYGOD HE SHOOK HANDS AND SHARED A SMILE WITH HUGO CHAVEZ!!!!, my thought, good I was always under the impression that having diplomatic relations with any and all to be a good thing. Ben Franklin would be proud!

Hey, Republicans, maybe you should follow public opinion polls, you are a dying party at this moment. I fully believe Meghan McCain might be one of your smartest voices from the small samplings I have read.

I fucking love this country, it is by far the best country in the world, arrogant statement be damned, but even one of my closest friends has essentially called me unpatriotic and all but stated that I don't like liberty....the only reasoning I can think of is because I have a different political view than him. Remember, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had very different political views, one certain the other's view was wrong and would damn the country. Both of those men are respected founding fathers, so you know what, we'll be ok! (sorry Jonny, just figured you needed some fresh fodder for you blog, been a while;) )

I have about 30 other subjects in my mind on the hippocritical right wing, but I honestly don't have the energy to deal with it anymore.

Topic 4 - 2009 Weight Loss

So far from the start of the year, I have lost about 35 (at one point 40) pounds. I have just been smart about it this time. I just watch my calories, no more gimmick diets like Atkins (though I tried it for about a week before I got sick). After seeing positive results and then getting to the part where I am driving myself crazy by not eating, I'll take a 1 or 2 week break to regain some sanity. I made a hard goal to lose a total of 70 pounds this year, and I realize that is mostly unrealistic, but that is why it is a goal, it is supposed to be a challenge. This week, I add another phase to this, working out. It is finally nice enough to go outside, go for a walk or a jog. Maybe play some tennis or shoot some hoops. As mentioned previously, I want to go biking this year, hit some trails, I have already spoken with Barney about joining him on some of his adventures this summer. Now, if those damned cheese fries at Miller Park can just leave me alone!

Topic 5 - Shameless Self Promotion

Maybe you know about it already, maybe you don't, but myself and a few others have started a sports themed blog (focusing on WI area sports). Please stop by and check it out.

Topic 6 - Where Are the Funny Party Stories?

Last night I reread my 3 part story about Mark and Stacecy's wedding, and you know, I enjoyed it. Then there is the Pewaukee adventure, the Vegas trip. Those were fun nights...things have been somewhat routine this winter, but summer is coming up, more summer fun planned already. Here is what is on tap that should help provide some good material and fun:

Three Weddings - Two of which I am in.
Camping Trip in Eagle River - Umm, beer, friends, lake, campfire...yes please! July 15-19
Denver - Drunk bus, awesome city, beautiful scenery, and watching the Cubs lose, how can this go wrong? Aug 6-9
Cleveland? - The theme this summer is short trips apparently. This one is still TBD

Those on top of Brewer games, summer parties, Summerfest, and other festivals should make for a great 2009 and hopefully some solid stories will come from them!

Topic 7 - The Twitter Phenomenon

Seriously, what the hell, why is the word, Twitter, invading my ear canals. I turn on the news, and the topic, Twitter. Which congressman or Senator twittered today, here is our twitter, please follow us on Twitter, we are at war with Ashton Kutcher over Twitter, Oprah Twitters, athletes are using Twitter....STOP IT!!!!

Now you might notice the upper right corner of my blog has my own Twitter updates. I was embarrassed when I signed up, but I really like the live instant updates and thoughts I can put on the blog. It is a nice touch that I wish was a was responsible for, not Twitter. I do not go to the Twitter website (after my initial playing around) and if my friends need to know what I am doing, they can see that on my facebook page. And there is a much better response system on facebook as well. Not to mention I can update that anywhere as well on my blackberry.

I first heard about this scourge after President Obama's address to Congress where many Congress members took flak for twittering during his speech. It took off from there, and it is a word that I hope just, goes away......I can live without that upper right corner of my blog being there, but no, I am not deleting it! What can I say, I am a product of my generation, I enjoy technology and constant connection with friends.


Jon said...

"[G]ood I was always under the impression that having diplomatic relations with any and all to be a good thing."

History has proven, Dustin, that your thoughts on diplomacy are very dangerous. Would you have wanted us to have open talks with Hitler before he started steamrolling Europe?

It only emboldens Chavez's efforts to promote Socialism throughout the Americas. The fact that the anti-Capitalist, anti-American book that was graciously accepted by Obama is now #2 on Amazon is enough to make any free-loving individual very, very pissed off at Obama's apologetic tour of the world. He shows his weakness, and the weakness of American leadership everywhere he goes.

He has now apologized to virtually all nations who have sworn to be our enemies. He never, ever defends Capitalism (because he abhors it), and he never defends his country!

Dustin said...

I had a funny feeling that would be the line you commented on. So, personally I feel, with a lot of the rhetoric Chavez spouts, maybe he shouldn't have had such a large smile on his face and his hand on his shoulder, but I think that is just his personality, not him accepting Chavez's ideas. I bet next time they are in the same room, there will be just a cordial handshake as he learned his lesson.

--William Bennett, a CNN contributor and Republican strategist, agreed it's too early to tell if anything has changed.

"Image is one thing. Reality is another. Substance is another. Things that need to get accomplished is another. That will be the test," Bennett said." --

I think that line sums it up, lets not get too worked up about a damn picture lets see what happens.

As far as the book, I bet half of those orders are from conservatives who want to make sure this is something they can use on Obama later, the other half probably hispanics. What do you want him to do, throw the book down and angrily stomp your feet? He said he really wasn't sure what it was at first. Also, find the quotes where he has apologized to Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea? If you find exact statements to that, I will take a look.

If they tried to talk to Hitler, would he have done anything different, no, he still would have steamrolled Europe, and we still would have had the same situation that played out, but I can't speak on that too hypothetical.

"History is more or less bunk."
- Henry Ford

(I don't believe that, as history repeats itself, but it fit nicely there, haha)

He abhors Capitalism? haha, made me laugh, but nice use of the word abhor, not used nearly as often as it ought to be. I said, loathe, yesterday, was pretty proud of myself

Jon said...

Yeah, he abhors (I use the word too much I think) Capitalism and individual liberty (one in the same). Look for specific quotes in his speeches about the amazing things capitalism has done for the world - I haven't found anything even close. Instead, he speaks of "economic justice", and a "new way forward". Compare his speeches to those of Reagan, and you can see how far we've come (full circle back to the Progressive Era) in terms of Presidents upholding our nations promise of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". In fact, he calls for a declaration of independence from the Declaration of Independence - "from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry".

I actually dare anyone to listen to his speeches without giving in to their emotions, and actually identify exactly what it is he is saying. It's very hard to pinpoint, because he phrases them in such a way that they are open to interpretation by anyone who is driven by emotion - which is why so many people love his speeches. He tells them exactly what they want to hear without actually saying anything.

I can't even begin to explain what it is that I see, along with other individualists, in the world today. This is why we are so damn scared about the course this country is on, and has been on for the past 20 years or so. It is not a game - we are not sore losers - we are genuinely concerned for the future of the free world, and would be no matter who was elected this time around.