Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where in the hell is Callahan Auto Parts?

Greeting folks from Sandusky, Ohio!

Yes, I made like young Tommy Callahan and left Milwaukee for Sandusky for a job I would rather not do. Differences obviously, I didn't graduate Marquette, I don't work in Sandusky, and my dad isn't a millionaire.

What would I like to do? I would like to go to Cedar Point and ride roller coasters. But noo, I have to drive a truck and trailer for work.

Yes, my company loves to let me drive a large pickup truck with a 24 ft trailer around the country, and yes, they know I want nothing to do with this damn trailer, I was never hired to drive a trailer, and let me stress again, I hate this trailer.

The trip wasn't actually too bad, it was a sunny day and it was all interstate. The problem, so far up to $50 in tolls, with more toll roads to come. Sure, I get paid back, but it will be in the end of July. I need this money now for my trip to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks.

Funny story. While driving through Chicago, one of the toll booth workers yelled, I mean, YELLED, at me. Why? Because this man who obviously hates life, mumbled some number that no one would be able to understand. See, I don't know what they charge me when I have the trailer, as they don't really post that shit anywhere visible beforehand. Anyways, I ask politely what he said, and he yells, extremely pissed off $2.25!!!!! This at first seemed to tick me off, but then really made my day. For some reason, that guy snapping at a toll booth, amused me.

Tomorrow though, I head to Buffalo....but don't worry folks, home on Friday around noon! (via airplane)


Jake said...

For some reason, "Toll Booth Willy" comes to mind.

Driving with trailers sucks. Especially 24-foot trailers across the country.

I think you need a raise.

Have fun in Myrtle Beach - make sure to pick up the new edition of Esquire Magazine - they kindly have pointed out the best bars in America - maybe one is at Myrtle Beach...

Sonica said...

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