Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Inner Thoughts and Latest News - #1

7/1/08 - Ok, so I was managing my posts, and came across this one that I was slowly working on throughout last year. Sort of forgot about it, but I don't want my efforts (how poorly they may be) go to waste, so enjoy.

For those that know me, you know that my mind is sporadic and random. I figured, what a better way to capture my often fleeting thoughts than with a blog. This blog will last until I feel it too long. This may take a week, two, maybe months. I will try to date everything and comment on whether or not I was drinking or not. This is sort of for myself though as well. I also will probably put my latest news in here as well. So...enjoy:

4/25/07 - In North Carolina - Chapel Hill

- Strangest thing just happened to me when trying to buy some brew. I am staying at the Holiday Inn with UNC theme, it is pretty neat,a nd I ate dinner at the Time Out Bar and Grill here at the hotel. I had a few drinks, but was sad that they had no local microbrews on tap, so I had some Sam Adams White Ale, having never tried it before (I like wheat based beers). I was intrigued that the bar's main special was bottles of Natural Light for $2.50....of course I thought to myself, that is no bargain at all...end of story, or is it? Anyhow, after lubing my throat up, I thought I would grab some more beer for the hotel, after all the Brewers just lost to the Cubs, and I needed some support (haha). I look up the closest liquor store, just a mere .2 miles (this is a college town after all). I roll up, walk in, walk around, look confused, walk around again, read every door...NO BEER!?!? The guy at the desk senses my confusion and asks me what I am looking for, then looks at me like I am an idiot when I ask for beer. He tells me that I have to buy beer at a grocery store or convenience store, then tells me that a grocery store is just down the block. So, a liquor store with no beer...a liquor store, literally. I go to this grocery store, which I should mention was the worst smelling place I have ever, EVER, been....like no one there wore deodorant, terrible. Anyhow, I walk around, find the micro brews, good, find a huge wine selection, good...walk, walk......where the hell is the normal beer? I grab a 6er of micro brew because I like to try the local flavor (saddened to find out I grabbed a Colorado beer). I ask the cashier, where they keep normal beer, like a case of Miller or something. He looks puzzled and says they have never sold that, maybe a case of Pabst one time. I comment that I have just been to a liquor store with no beer and a grocery store with only wine and microbrews. After checking my ID, he says "yeah, you definitely aren't from around here. TO THE CONVENIENCE STORE!! Ok, normal beer, nice, what do I want.....I glance at the window sticker special..$9.54 12 pack of Natural Light....ok, this town has an infatuation with quite possibly the worst beer ever. 6-er of Coors Light, and I am out.

-Ben Sheets was saddened to hear about his DL buddy Mark Prior being out for the season, and quickly removed himself from the game in hopes of joining him.


-After driving around the south enough times, I am officially sick of seeing the damned Confederate flag on cars...or anywhere for that matter. From now on, I roll my eyes whenever i see it. Stupid white trash, racist, retards.

Sorry, been sort of busy, back to it

6/15/07 - Cottage Grove

-Quotable - Tina - I am not even that drunk...I can still swallow

6/19/07 - Dallas

-This city is stupid to drive in

This is of course a sad story, but thanks for letting me know she was excited to have a baby....I would assume most expecting parents are.

- I heard on the radio today that Paris Hilton is reading self help books.....thanks radio for wasting my time.

July 31 - Atlanta

-It is really nice to hang out with Giddee, it has only been a month since last seeing her, but it oddly feels like longer. Anyhow, I was telling her of some stories of past travels, she told me I should keep a journal because of some funny stories I have encountered, which I have. I think this is a good idea, I might buy a notebook and write a journal when on the road. I will then move the good stuff to my blog, this of course reminded me it has been a while since I have posted a blog because I broke my personal laptop.

-Guess what this week is on the Discovery Channel...Shark Week. Honestly, I am sick of sharks, do something else, Lion Week......Tiger Week, hell I would watch Seal week! I am learnign for the 3234th year now that sharks bite humans from time to time, but mostly will not, yada yada yada

- I hate Atlanta traffic, it is so busy at all times, and downtown has like, 32 lanes on each side. The funny thing is, I seem to be the overly aggressive one, everyone is so scared to merge until they have like a 12 car length space

Reason 323 why I hate Florida

Florida optical-scan voting machines still flawed, report finds

Seriously Florida, it is your messed up voting that got us GW in the first place. You are trying to get too technical. No other state seems to have problems. Plus, don't half of your citizens probably have glaucoma or something because they are so damn old?

- Giddee and I brought up the "Greatest Story Ever Told" yet again, making me truly believe that our group St. Louis trip could honestly be, the greatest story ever told.

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Jake said...

exactly. WHY is it SHARKS? honestly, theres a bunch of cool animals out there, does it always have to be the king of the deep??