Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mark & Stacey's Wedding - Prologue

July 3rd, 2008

The day before the big day. Kusch and I were to arrive in Appleton to pick up our tuxedos that were sure to make us look like...we were dressed in tuxedos. Anyhow, we had to leave early in the morning to make sure we arrived on time, and we had to pick up one Sara Jane in Grafton. The trip was, alright, nothing too epic here, but we did eat Atlanta Bread and I rather enjoyed it. Jon and I also made fun of the south a lot...that was neat.

So, we arrive and my pants were designed for nonfat people and Jon's coat was just not right, so we would have to come back at a later time, but whaaaaaat to dooooo for hours. The girls were all on a girl lunch, and wouldn't let Jon attend because apparently it was for some club, of girls.....or something. To the point! The original plan was for Mark, Jon, and I to go golfing, but it was sort of warm, Kusch was hungover, I was tired, and really, we just didn't want to. How were we to spend Mark's final afternoon of singledom? If you answered drink, or go to nearby Beansnappers, you are WAY wrong, we had ourselves a Jr. High type of day.

Fun w/o Drinking?? It can happen to you too if you follow your dreams

We kept the golf idea alive, but miniaturized the whole idea. Well, we didn't have the idea, or miniature any golf course, but there was a mini-golf course nearby and there was no stopping us from going. The course was intense (not really), for there was the possibility of losing your ball on the first hole (nope, these balls floated...miracle style). It was actually a lot of fun and we were all golfing about the same, I was consistently average and Jon & Mark had some hot streaks with a blow up here and there....this was going to be a tight one. The winner is....more on that later.

After we finished up the mini golf, we went to get some tokens for the batting cages (the place was a whole funland center). This was a lot of fun, I learned that I need batting gloves when swinging bats with little grip left on them. I also learned that I can consistently ground out to 3rd when hitting a 60 mph fastball. I also know that Jon can hit 80 mph.

The next stop at the Badgerland Sports Complex (I think) was the Go-Karts. It has been a long time since I have been in a Go-Kart, and frankly was nervous I wouldn't fit. I did, thankfully but I think I almost strangled myself with the seat belt. We all talk a bit of trash, and after we had some instructions to not horse around and ram into each other, we were off. Don't get me wrong, but every cart seemed to move exactly the same speed and we stayed the same distance apart, sort of, anti-climatic. We did at the end get to lap a woman, that was neat. It was fun still, and we had another ticket, so we hop back on. This time, there will be an epic moment. We were off, I was trailing Mark but was right on his ass, drafting, mind you. Then my moment came. Up ahead I spotted a woman and her kid in a dual kart, and they were moving slow. I was able to sneak on an inside corner getting to the side of Mark and then wham, he had to slow down for the slow lady. MWA HA HA! Eat that groom to be!

I should also note that we also all played some Skiball and other games that give you tickets. I suggested that we just give our tickets to some kids, but Jon snapped me out of my idiocy and we joined forces to get a hackey sack and TWO sets of vampire teeth (totally designed for kids by the way, but Jon and I still rocked the shit out of them)!

Finally we return to Stacey's parent's house to pick up Sara and drop off Mark, then we are the hotel to check in. We all get ourselves looking mighty fine and once again are the church for rehearsal. This is where I am handed the rings to protect and keep.....because apparently Mark and Stacey think I am responsible.

Guys, note, if you want to scare your future wife at the rehearsal, just laugh hysterically while practicing the vows. Good one Mark (though those in the crowd said he seemed the laughs were to hold back tears). I pretty much nail my practice runs because I am neat.

AND WE'RE dinner at Frattello's. A really neat place right on the river. The dinner was put on by Mark's parents and I want to send a thank you. The menu was filled with fancy stuff and a cheeseburger. Mark, gets the cheeseburger (to be fair, he got it for the waffle fries, which were AMAZING). A few of the people got a blueberry beer, and we all decide that watching blueberries go up and down with the beer bubbles is indeed neat.

After dinner was over, Mark and Stacey stood up to say a few words about everyone in the wedding party, and it was very touching, I am being honest, I thank you guys a lot! Also, the mug and the jug of beer was awesome! While at the table we discussed what was to take place for the evening. Were we to get drunk, go to nearby Beansnappers...NO!

AND WE'RE OFF (sorry) the hotel pool. Erik (Mark's brother) and I had poorly planned and had to make a Kohls run for some board shorts. After quickly getting ready we head down to, what seemed to be paradise (or just a neat hotel pool). There was a slide, which we of course all slid down 'illegally' . The centerpiece was the 3-way basketball hoop, or a pole that had three hoops right in the dead center of the pool. The hoops were really small and hard to make because they were tall as well. Of course, we form teams. Jon and I vs Mark and Erik....winner was first to 5 (really hard to make), any of the hoops counted. This was really epic, the battle went on for hours, well, hour....maybe not even, and injuries were to be had (Erik developed a blister on his foot). In the end it was Jon's pure shot and my height advantage which really, yeah, really wasn't fair. Still it was 5-4.

It was time for bed, I proceed to tell Sara that if she steals the rings that I will be very upset at her and she will have ruined the wedding.

Stay tuned to see if Sara steals the rings and ruins the wedding.....oh, Mark won mini-golf 50 to Jon and I's 51

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bdogschneeby said...

51 DUSTIN??? !!! Cmon

If i was there i would have been coaching you on every hole... "Just tap it in, Just tap it in, Just give it a little tappy a tap tap tapper-ooski"