Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mark & Stacey Lange....Part 1

The Alarm Clock goes off....

It was time for Sara to get up. Girls, during a wedding, have to get up really early so they can have 123,328 bobby pins put in their hair. This was cue for Jon and I to get a complimentary free (redundant?) hot breakfast. I immediately wish America a happy birthday....Jon says he was just about to say that. Mark and Erik wanted us to get them up for said breakfast. They don't seem pleased when I call them...then knock on the door.

Happy 232nd B-Day America

So, we are sitting eating what is to be a poor free breakfast, and most free hotel breakfasts are, and we realize it is the United States of America 232nd birthday, thanks to our collegiate math skills.....yeah. Mark reminds me that I, as best man, am responsible for booze, and water, for the in between the ceremony and the reception. Now, I am not sure if Sara has ruined my first major responsibility by stealing the rings, but I am confident in this alcohol task. I have been known to make sure people drink beer, and or booze...so I was very very confident in this task (though concerned about my lack of monetary funds after the weekend before....the tux...the gift....the gas.....the weekend before....and the weekend before. Next time I am in charge, the bachelor party comes weeks before the wedding (especially if it is in another state), just redick how broke I was.

Woodmans = Cheap Booze

Jon, who declared himself as the Assistant to the Best Man the night before, and I, travel to Woodmans for some beer and booze. Now, let me take you back to wake up time. When we wake up, we ask Sara if she is ok with some Dr. for a shot liquor on the limo. She tells us that no one....NO ONE! likes Dr. McGillicuddys. We didn't believe her, but then Mark tells us during b-fast that he too dislikes the liquor of the gods. Ok, back to Woodmans. Jon and I want to get the 1.75 of the good Doc, but after our two convos with our friends, decide on the small bottle and a bottle of Apple Pucker for all the panzys. We also get a case of Miller and Coors (Lite/Light).

Proud to be an American

Back to the room, hitting the noon hour, not sure any guy is really showered, but there was history to be made. Joey Chestnut, was trying for a repeat of the Nathan's hot dog eating championship. We all respect Kobayashi, but he represents the bombers Pearl Harbor.....Japan, plus he has tendinitis of the jaw. We also are confused/excited by the Wii eating game. The thing is, the time was limited to 10 minutes, compared to the normal 12. Umm, of course, USA BABY! Joey, the hot dog machine, WINS! Today was going to be a good day. Wait, what? Mark asked if I got the water for Stacey...SHIT! I got it afterwards, thanks to a nearby grocery store.

You Ever Seen 5 Grown Men in a Hot Tub together?

No, this didn't actually happen, so, please read on.

After I finally hop in the shower, it has been foretold, by a piece of paper which had times of things to happen...we, as in the guys, were to dress in the same room. This seemed oddly gay to us all, but Mark had us all in the room of future love making (I hope), for some tuxedo dressing. We remembered the pastor told us to eat, so we delayed the dressing for some food. Problem, our procrastinating ways limited us to time. I, being the hotel connoisseur, remembered about the hotel room service, brilliant. Some want mozz sticks, some want wings, some, well no one cared really. I ordered an appetizer sampler, the lady said it would be there shortly....shortly....umm, limo will be here soon......we watch a lady look for a lost golf ball, and a guy go back and forth over the green....no food. I call, WAIT, food is here. We huddle to eat the bounty, and it was good. Someone (forgot who, sorry) asks Mark if he is happy that his final single meal is an appetizer sampler.....I think it is a fitting bachelor type of meal personally. We chow down, as we are not worried about messes as we declare it is ok to climb in the hot tub together, or the dual shower heads (we kid of course). Food down, tuxes on, beer grabbed (forgot about 12 cans in the hustle). We hop in the limo, drink a few beers on the way....followed by a round of the Doctor to make our breath minty and fresh.

OH, FYI, Sara did not steal the rings...I was now in possession of more than my life! Stay tuned....

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